Report: World Press Freedom Day Gig Day #2


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. yayok says:

    kesian mat2 indon…sorg2 pelik bin tak paham ape yg berlaku disini….
    neway, bagus idea ni….buat lagi yerk!!!

  2. xnizangx says:

    aku wat report gok. bodo2 je…sori ah kalu ade saloh silap tu…huhuuhuh…

    So, yeah I was there both days. Even though I should finish my assignments to submit on Monday, haha.

    The first day

    I arrived at 1.30 and I only saw two familiar faces. One was Didi and the other one I forgot his name. Old friend, but don’t know the name. Sorry. Huhu.

    As I arrived, Hassan Peter Brown and Markiza was on stage. Went to the front to snap photos as many kids were just sitting down. I saw them play like 2 songs with Markiza making funny faces and making jokes about, we’re not black metal, no “kambing hitam” was there that day, about being independent musicians, making own songs, releasing own cds. That’s cool.

    Up next was NAO, a self-proclaimed political band. Tight and weird timing as the organizer, Hasbee said. The vocalist shouted at the top of his lungs while the bassist was moving around the stage. The vocalist also daringly said something about how the mainstream media didn’t write anything about the protest in KLCC last Sunday. “Newspapers are no hope” –NAO vocalist.

    Skyjuicecoffe is an up and coming band nowadays, appearing on radio and playing lotsa shows. This is the first time I saw them after missing 2 of their sets in Ipoh last weekend. Their quite okay poppunk kids. I taught they would play the “Belaian Jiwa” that I heard on their myspace for the crowd to sign along, but nope. The bunch was aggressive on stage.

    After that, Lurks took over the stage with their gloomy goth electronica thingy. At the third song, they did some different approach track with a female bassist. By the time they play that song, Arwith (Second Combat/Utarid) approached me and we head up to level 3 for drinks. There was also that guy from Akta Angkasa, two guys and one girl (kakak suni) from Seremban joining us.

    We only went down when Project Ei8ht was about to finish their set. The vocalist was very good imitating Pearl Jam, Creed or Disagree kinda vocals. So, overall I missed quite a lot of band that I thaugth I’ll see like Fathulistiwa Soundscapes and Asna.

    The final band was none other then Carburetor Dung. There were some mistakes but overall, it’s a kick ass show. I thought the kids will do the moshing all through their set but they only stood up when Joe Kidd asked them to do so on the thought this will be a historic day for Central Market.

    Met Arafat, a long time friend from KT scene. Also Rudy and another member of Brayok for the first time after several times communicating thru Myspace and SMS. Not many hc/punk kids were there that day. Some others spotted were Fizam Anti-Protokol, Edd Weot Skam, Kidd and Niesa, Azery, Yus Suara Anak Muda, Naufel Skunkfix and his friend I donno name.

    The Second Day

    I went to CM again but this time with my housemate, Rizie. We arrived at also 1.30pm and Broken Scar was on stage playing modern rock stuffs. We decided to have lunch first at level 3, CM.

    As we’re done with makang, Y2K was ready to rock the stage. Not forgetting their masks behind, they opened it with their hit song, ‘Lara’. They were doing stupid jokes like Blink 182 and no one was laughing. The front man, Shaiful and the bassist, Khai even jumped-up high a few times. They did a cover of “I’m not okay” skapunk version. “The gig is called “Free Voices” because we’re playing for free today” said Khai.

    Revenge is a rock band playing hmm…rock and roll stuffs that I don’t know whether originals or covers. After two songs, we went to Yusoof mamak stall for a drink as it was so hot. Some friends from the band Pushpapura joined us. We then went inside CM as it was break time I think.

    We went out just to see that Ben’s Bitches play 2 songs, one song about Ah Beng and a cover of “My Generation”.

    360 head rotation then took the stage with their songs. One of them was about Mawi, “No one will come to worship you”. In the middle of the set, they had like a journalism awards for the best journalist. The awards go to Harian Metro and Berita Harian reporter for writing ridiculous stories about Black Metal. The award were in the form of a bowl and a broken light bulb. Huhuhuh! Hilarious.

    Second last band was Two Foot Candle, a metal band from up north I think. Playing progressive metal stuffs.

    Final band to close this 2 days hot sunny fest was Negation. A well-known “grind-to-the-core” band. It’s time for another mark of historic moment for CM when all the crowds gather around and step forward. The vocalist, Medec (who appeared on Tanya Linda talk show about Black Metal issue) was a really cool guy. He made some spontaneous jokes in Indonesian and Nogori slang. He also did some kung fu kicks in the air and also weird, funny faces (like Jello Biafra). They did a cover of Napalm Death, Grid Kills (?) and closed their set with the shortest song in Guinness book of records.

    Met Su Santos, an old friend who used to write Punctual zine. And also a form five kid who said he used to buy my old zine, Mosh. If I’m not afraid his name is Ajeep.

    Hope this kind of event will be held some more, next year and years to come. With at least one hardcore or fastcore band perhaps so the crowds can teach the public the fun of circle pits.

  3. the doctor says:

    negation-malaysian grindcore demigods-can social infection or parasit be far behind?

  4. xnizangx says:

    greed kills…uh…typos…

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