PUSHER / THE PIPS – Split-Demo 2007 CD-R


Joe hoards and shares.

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21 Responses

  1. rizie says:

    yeaaahhh..btul tu man.aku pun suke lagu tu.ekekek.best!

  2. rzman says:

    al*****ya….Top Hot Hot Hits Charts for one week at ricecooker shop!

  3. Dude says:

    Oh my…
    the best song in 2007!!!
    nak kena beli laa CD ni…

  4. L?§rm says:

    I repeat, repeat and repeat again almost 6 times for only this song.

  5. canabiss says:

    haha.cant believe guys love mellow song 🙂

  6. rzman says:

    we only love alak. sexy voicesss!

  7. Nox says:

    Dude…I second that! Memang nak kena beli CD ni, the Ashes song alone worth the price. It’s bluesy, it’s soulful and yes, kind of sexy (I mean the song too!!

  8. alak says:

    abg razman jambu menjadi inspirasi sebelum tidur kpd semua lelaki dan wanita!!!!!

  9. canabiss says:

    alak’s sexy voice is workin..hehe

  10. shahrizal says:


  11. zai kuning says:

    emmm ya like all you guys i think alak voice ada getarannya. and i personally thinl such voce is best when (when it sing) it ‘talk’it out and alittle slower.

    i like it as it started but i am fairly disappointed when it get into the name “alltantuuuuuuuya” as chorus its toooooo catchy and predctable somehow. considering its a horrible story we still dont know the truth though i think many already know she is such a sad song.

    i felt it should go alll the way wiithout the chorus

    nothng personal alak ya just my limacent opinion

  12. anock mayran says:

    lagu ‘berhantu’ ni….ekkekekeke…

  13. alak says:

    well thanks zai for the comments.
    anyway i did’nt sing for that song.hehe.The vocals was done from a girl friend of ours named yoyo.Frankly speaking,in order to finish up that song,all of us thought the chorus did’nt blend well with the song,but surprisingly it just happened and just went along with it.haha.

  14. zai kuning says:

    oh not alak’s voice emmm how strange i also tot its alak. so yoyo should be singing more cos its “good voice”. hope to get the cd when im in kl. by the way im curious if joe is serious about having SAME tuner. is there any tuner that gve different pitch?

  15. alak says:

    well one guitar was tunned using an analog tunner and the other one was tunned using a digital tuner.we didnt realize it was out of tunned during the live record.maybe our ears had problems.after that we noticed the slight difference from both guitars.

  16. zai kuning says:

    oh analog V digital. Ya man yoyo voice(d) ada getaran mcam getaran jiwa hehe

  17. anock Mayrun says:

    wa got the cd last nite! yoyo, i like ur voice ar…ade getaran…hahah

  18. Panda Head Curry says:

    “Now remember this kids, if your band have two guitarists or two guitars, do tune up your guitars using the SAME tuner!”

    Like all automation technology, one needs to validate results. Don’t trust machines.

    Your ears and brain are capable of processing far more efficiently than an RM 100-300 collection of plastic, metal and silicon.

    Despite having nice automated tuners, I love my Parkinson’s head stock clip on, I still rely on my ears to tell me if something is fucked up.

    Before these gadgets became cost effective and common place, we tuned off of pitch pipes, normally tuning one string, then the rest using the relative note positions.

    After a couple of years, you start developing some pitch recognition and should be able to tune without any tools.

    Or practice pitching in a quiet room, pluck a string and sing the note – if you use a tuner with a mic, you can validate your note by singing into the mic. If you use a clip on – you can actually clip it on to your nose (strange but true). If you can sing it, that means you can hear it.

  19. affuan says:

    Hehe. Nice one. 🙂

  20. ekspres rakyat says:

    review the pips ada masuk dalam paper SUARA KEADILAN bulan ogos.

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