Police and Your Basic Rights Booklet Launched


Joe hoards and shares.

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3 Responses

  1. ekspres rakyat says:

    alamak! gua kerja pulak! minta save sikit buku tu, utk gig yg lain!

  2. Joe Kidd says:

    Farez brought 200 books to the gig as expected. I saw some lying around the floor though. Some people just don’t appreciate these things.

  3. thugstone souljah says:

    well, i hope them apathetic donkeys learn the hard way, when they are confronted by cops on their bad day. the aim of the book is to ensure that the cops and the public maintain professional conduct throughout the entire arrest/encounter with the police.

    besides that, i will continue to help distribute the redbook, at gigs when i attend, otherwise drop by the Bar Council or your local bar committee or legal aid centres to pick up your copy.

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