Pissart Records: Spires – Flowers and Fireworks CD – Out Now!


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. khabir says:

    Thanks boss! aik? pecah pulak font gambarnye..oh lagi satu yang vinyl release tu sebenarnya released March this year.

  2. Fizan says:

    Oakland band? Jesse Ape’s band? Cool.

  3. Joe says:

    BTW: guys. If you’re so inclined, ENVY is playing here soon. Go to this site:


  4. dean says:

    enche khabir, thanks for the promo tapes!!! 😀

  5. verykurangajar says:

    boss, dont u think that the envy show doesnt belong here?i mean, the supporting act and the organizer?thx boss..

  6. Fizan says:

    Who? Envy? Never heard..hehe

  7. Joe says:

    VeryKurangAjar, thanks for the concern, here’s my long spiel about it. It’s funny how your two lines would provoke me to write reams of words! Amazing! Cheers boss!

    read on:

    Ii’m of two minds about it. I like Soundscape for their spirit and I have always been supporting Mak and gang since I got to know them as “Huang Huo” (when they were pretty much DIY), basically they are my old friends and I have a lot of respect for them but of course Soundscape’s involvement with corporate sponsors and such is not something I’m happy about.

    Still that’s their prerogative, and I’m not gonna be a fascist about it. Organising big shows featuring big bands from all over is not an easy thing economically, unless the bands are okay with losing money and sleeping on somebody’s floors. To promote such shows proper you’d need to have the proper permits from the authorities, and that’d cost more money, etc. etc. It’s just a whole different ball game when you want to go that way.

    like i said, i have two minds about it.

    On one hand we have a group of people who wants to bring in quality bands from all over – the mid-range, not-so-big but not-DIY artists – a part of the local live music scene which we severely lack. I mean I find it amazing to be able to go see The Dirty Three right in town a few years ago, courtesy of Soundscape, and i’m always wondering what would it takes to bring in Nick Cave or the Grinderman here, y’know.

    on the other hand, Soundscape have to play the corporate sponsor game to bring these bands over. And this is where my dilemma lies. I want to support these people but…

    As for the supporting acts you mentioned, that selection comes with the territory. If you wanna have quite an obscure overseas band playing such as ENVY, you’d need to get quite a “big” local band or two or three, so the local kids would come and check it out. This way you would increase your chance of having a good attendance; and hopefully make back the money spent. And that’s what Soundscape is doing. The thing is, Soundscape always loses money and I know that for a fact!

    anyway, I have a choice whether to feature their shows on ricecooker or not and so far i’ve featured a few which didn’t feature big-ass corporate sponsors, and maybe even a few that did. As you may have seen it all these years, I like to give it a bit of slack. Don’t wanna be too tight-arsed about everything lah.

    If you’re not happy about it, tough luck boss! You can have your spiel here and kick my arse. I can give you that much but we’re not gonna don that stormtrooper helmets, march around our scene’s perimeters and shoot anyone deemed un-DIY.

    Heck, come July 11th, my band is playing a show in Seremban for the first time in 10 years, and some bands on the bill that day are not the typical bands we would gladly share a stage with but hey, playing a show outside of the usual DIY hardcore punk “comfort zone” (more like a ghetto to be exact) is always a challenge and refreshing and I’m looking forward to that boss!

  8. verykurangajar says:

    Thanx for your reply..

    Its ur page boss,so u have all the rights in the world to do whatever u want to do with it..but for those who love the scene, it is almost like they co-own it..if u know what I mean..n some refuse to shut the fuck up when they see something as obvious..n we are talking about the very core value that differentiate us from being just another music scene..

    yes, i have seen the organizer n (one of) the supporting act being featured here..n surprisingly, no one gives a damn!!i mean, fuck, u dont care anymore?they have their own scene,way bigger than ours,why would we have to support them?we dont have to..in reverse, are we THAT small,hence the need to associate with them?even if we ARE a small scene..so what?

    this is not just a musical scene..we have things that we believe in..these guys,however, are into music and music only..as the musical boundaries getting blurred these days, we tend to compromise because, hell they sound almost the same as some band from the scene..and when something with a capacity as ricecooker compromise,shit goes haywire..for example, some genuine HC bands calling one of the supporting act as comrades..wtf?resulting in supposedly-punk/HC bands playing at lame shows with corporate sponsorship..appearing in bullshit mainstream magazines..and before u know it, one of ur bandmate also got featured in that magazine..haywire boss!!so much for your resistance all these years,huh?

    yes boss, i would rather not go/support no matter how musically interesting the band is..of coz, we do fall in love with non-diy,interesting bands once in a while..they would stay on the playlist for days but that is as far as it goes..i would rather support the boring black n white photocopy scene (anarcho/grind/crust scene-they sound the same,look the same,hell they even look like photocopied paper-black n white)..eh, how come u r not as critical to these scene’s originality as u were with the klhc and skinhead before eh?

    my point is, we are giving wrong signals to the kids..soon,that rage,that fire,that awareness,that conciousness,that anti-establishment,that social responsibilities, disappears n they’ll just be in it for the music..

  9. Joe says:

    Thanks VKA!

    Don’t get wrong, boss. It’s always been about the community, and yes Ricecooker is a part of that and we’ll continue to be so, but I’d rather see a community that’s more open to negotiating the “grey” area around us, a scene that recognise the need to engage the general public and receptive towards the overlapping or shared values out there; beyond the unwritten parameters of the DIY punk scene. I just think it’s healthier that way, rather than being a closed-up, self-alienating and exclusive community.

    It is also a lot more relevant and lively than just being holed up in our respective comfort zones. Lets be more adventurous than a bunch of people happily swimming in the same fish bowl. I’d rather leap out and get into a more free-flowing fresh water river than a stagnant pool. After all everything is not as black and white as we all would want it to be.

    Celebrate our collective dystopian reality, boss!



  10. Fizan says:

    Cool Very Kurang Ajar..you really agitated Joe’s widen policy he used to cover since Blasting Concept period, hehe
    Nevertheless, Joe’s is a professional journalist man, he even writes a script for t.v program, a copy writer for magazine, so sometimes I feels like an advantages and it’s important for him to be with us than belong to post-Strange Culture gang. Even my good friend, Piss Of Mind’s Aie went into obscure now.
    Joe is the best copy writer in Malaysia who comes from punk background. Lots peoples jealous on his wrting’s skill. I hope with his presence, it will creates more alternative people who wants to participate /contribute /kicking ass in this fukin beloved music scene. Yeah, if you never thought that music is never be any form of activism, then you’ve become a very boring person to me, your life are so bored.
    Who hates Joe tell me now? And why?

    Who are you Very Kurang Ajar? My name’s Pijan and I only love to fuk 15-years old school girl than paying RM20 gig’s entry. I never lied.

  11. Joe says:

    yoda says: “no spread too wide, easy for dark side enter bottom”


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