Piggy’s Dead But Voi Vod Lives On!


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. thee dr. says:

    Hell yeah VoiVoD are good as hell-they got progressively better up to ‘Nothingface’-they, along with Motorhead, NunSlaughter (and more recently to an extent) Cattle Decapitation are one of those few special metal bands that everyone could get into regardless of their identification. I mean…their first 2 records were so raw and chaotic, it sounded like they were just ready to spiral out of control at any moment-so welcome back VoiVoD!!!

  2. Joe says:

    Back in the day, while I was managing Punisher for a short period, the ones who were really mad about Voivod were few and rare.

    Away, Blacky, Piggy & Snake were too weird, too post-punk-influenced and too prog for the normal thrasher/death metal kids but Blacky’s signature one-side-shaved-one-side-kept-long-and-straight hairstyle was the rage. Arwah Boy (Punisher’s guitarist) had that hairdo and I remember Mama Juwie coming to see me after a gig at the Metallica Lounge and asked for a permission to shoot Boy’s hairstyle for URTV!

    Anyway, Punisher’s drummer Bullet and bassist Karim wrote about 5 original songs which were influenced by Voivod. We were all so excited BUT singer Rosdan and the other members of the band shot them down, as I think they want to sound more Bay Area thrash than “weird”.

    Punisher never really recorded anything. They split up without leaving a single original song recorded as legacy. Damn, they were a very, very good band.

    So kids, there’s a lesson to learn there…

  3. i got extra 1 copy of voivod 2006 release titled “katorz” on vinyl LP, original release on CD only by Nuclear Blast, later one italian label called night of the vinyl dead records release it on limited 500 copies vinyl LP (hand numbered)
    recently a limited color vinyl + gatefold LP out as well.

    During the recording, Piggy died before this album out, it features tracks recorded by him

    and i think i also got extra copy of old voivod album on vinyl LP as well
    either “killing technology” or “dimension hatross

    there got 180 grams re issue LP as well for old voivod album.

    soon i’ll put at the shop what i got extra .. if anyone interested to buy it ..

  4. Joe says:

    Katorz is okay, not great. That one has Jason Newsted on bass.

    Killing Technology & Dimension Hatross are both MUST HAVES just like RRROOOAAARR, Nothingface & War and Pain.

    Metal Blade released a 3xCD pack of their first album “War & Pain” in 2004. I don’t mind getting hold of that Shammir!

    BTW; can I see the LPs?

  5. thee dr. says:

    Hell yeah there’s a lesson: originality over hero-worship. I think Another were influenced by VoivoD too, if I’m not mistaken-prog is good but I have a certain threshold for it…

  6. if i’m not mistaken its a second album with jason on bass .. i don’t like first time i listen to it, but after few times spin it, with a rocking guitar part. its not bad album after all ..

    sure, i’ll bring the LPs to the shop for sale .. from time to time.

    i have all the voivod album mention above on vinyl LP expect Nothingface (or i just forget what i’ve and what i don’t)

    first voivod album that i listen is RRROOOAAARR on tape dubbing from vinyl and the best voivod album for me ..

  7. just a quick search in my collection, i got extra 2 copies of killing technology LP, can’t remember when i’ve brought it ..
    both are original pressing and second hand, but i don’t remember playing it.. the condition is good .. the cover still in a good condition .

    soon, i’ll bring it over to the shop, if anyone are interested want to buy it

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