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  1. khairul azizi says:


  2. zai kuning says:

    haha brilliant!

  3. Panda Head Curry says:

    Ya. I hope they send me a container load of their products.

    I need some Fair & Lovely (R) so’s I can get the 80’s “I’m a Vampire!” goth look(*) when I hit the Cure gig.

    Not to be confused with the rather odd Emo/Goth red eyeshadow, ripped umbrella fashion – though just as silly.

  4. zai kuning says:

    hei panda head fuck all that! write your book! your own label! you got the vibes! good one!

    i buy!

  5. Jani B says:

    Panda, r you fucking sick or something? High on Shabu?

  6. azzief says:

    “She teleports into the Loft and changes out Twilight Action Girl‚Äôs CDs with Raihan. TAG DJ, Daryl Goh, returns home, watches Werner Herzog‚Äôs ‚ÄúStrozek‚Äù on TV, puts on Iggy Pop‚Äôs ‚ÄúThe Idiot‚Äù on the turn table, then consumes a lethal amount of durian and alcohol. He was supposed to embark on TAGs US tour the next day. He was only 24. (Decades later, Anton Corbijn makes a biopic) (Music: Joy Division – Atmosphere)”

    ahaha fucking awesome!

  7. walski69 says:

    Brilliant stuff, dude… and can I have some of what you’re having? 😉

  8. radzi sinclair says:

    panda….i understand the things u wrote,been there done that,whatever…..but lately i’ve been thinking deeply about life after death,not so humorous dude…..
    the world sucks…..the afterlife will give the person their due……..fairly,believe dude….believe…

  9. radzi sinclair says:

    we’re only live to die……..all of us are waiting for our death…..

  10. Panda Head Curry says:

    “panda‚Ķ.i understand the things u wrote,been there done that,”

    Well, I am young, foolish, keen eyed and bushy tailed, still doing this and that.

    After trying my hand at satire, I’m contemplating putting together a Carburetor Dung meets Abba Tribute band – CarBjornAbba Dung.

    We shall release recordings without paying royalties to either party.

    Because we’re Punk, and we Don’t Care.

    “i‚Äôve been thinking deeply about life after death,not so humorous dude”

    I’m deeply honored.

    A deep philosophical reading into a 30 minute piece of drivel (some of it blatantly PLAGIARIZED) I banged out while in hopes of winning some Fair and Lovely(R) products so I may attend the Cure shows in full Goth regalia.

    anyways…I’d think that a concept of LIFE after DEATH, would generally give people the warm and fuzzies.

    Getting to see your peers, tete a tete with Harussani, party with virgins (or eat white raisins – depending on preferred translation) – all you have to do is follow THE RULES. It ain’t rocket science, you don’t have to take any integrals, infinite series expansions or calculate Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues.

    Just be a good boy/girl and you’re there.

    NOTHING after DEATH, would probably be less humorous and more scary, no? What could those atheists be thinking?

    “all of us are waiting for our death‚Ķ..”

    I’m not particularly “waiting” for my death, like I wait for the LRT, or for the latest Harry Potter installment.

    I’m also not particularly waiting to catching my next head cold or throwing my lower back when I bend over to see if that damn dim LED on my Ibanez Tubescreamer is on or off (siapa pandai mod, kasi LED lagi terang, tolong kontak saya).

    It is something that shall occur naturally (or not so naturally).

    There are still lots of interesting things to do on this planet than wait for your neurons to stop firing.


  11. zai kuning says:

    emmm interesting melody in halftone or one pitch patternless …they call it. waiting for death? ya we are man….but what remain as it is ( since waiting is boredom) ..what you do while waiting ? it gonna take 60, 70, 80 ot 90 years to die man!

    All great leaders like mahatir, pak lah, Lee Kuan Yew (his son) Kim from south, Israel, hizbollah, osama, bush and all those big name do actually know that one day they will definitely die…and what did they do whle waiting?

    im freeeekingout when someone tell me we live to die. cos i always felt i live to changed my ‘self’ (for good but not necessarily polite n its a matter of way and lingo) and live to go againts certain thing mundane and mindnumbing commercialise soap opera and happy/sad tune which killing my mom and dad who slowly knock the belacan and lada liistening to some crappy slow rock as if there is no chooice simply bcos the radio is pockey size and running on old battery. there is no need to change a radio because the program is always sucks anyway. unless you play cd.

    I want them to know while waiting for their death elegently they should know what they are listenng to is pure crap. they can love it but i hope they know its pure crappy radio music looping day in day out n they should not take it serously or wholeheartedly.

    as they wait for their death i want them to write poetry or sing some songs came from their heart. as they wait there somethng grow in them and that can be somethng i want to inherit..something beautifull and full of resstance towards alot of thing they saw. and yes that will be great especially if they have not lost their sense of humour..for example i imagine they say “belacan tu sedap sebab yang menjad itu adalah kebusukan bankai”

    to die is important and who wannna live as long as 100 years?

    not me

  12. Panda Head Curry says:

    Firstly, I find it hard to lump Pak Lah and Lee Hsien Loong in the catagory of “great leaders”. Kim and Osama, maybe great bogeymen.

    I’d love to live OVER 100 years, oil prices will skyrocket and I’ll make a killing.

    Musically, probably won’t be very interesting, as it cycles every 20 years or so.

    Also, want to play with my grand kids, grand-grand-n kids, check out the state of technology and bitchin’ gadgets, go on Virgin Galactic jaunts, watch the colonization of Mars, catch Halley’s comet in 2061 and 2137, see if we can actually have a nicely Grand Unified Theory and ridicule Rocky 103 (clash of the cyborgs) and learn proper guitar scales.

    I think a 400 year life span would be interesting. It would let me reinvent myself maybe 8-10 times and try out completely different disciplines.

    If one believes in the old Abrahamic books (OK, this isn’t particularly scientific), wasn’t it said that the people during the prophet’s times lived productively for hundreds of years? Moses died at 120. Abraham got his first kid when he was 100, died at 200 or so.

    Perhaps the diet contained a lot less crap those days and they worked out more, lifting stones and herding camels.

  13. zai kuning says:

    well pandahead you can live indeed up to few hundred years for sure as long you can be usefull to your grand kid why not. all the best man…and again not me. i never wait for death and i dont want/desire to live more then 70…its to long man.

    as for the great leader i think to make it easy for arguement sake i would say most of them are great …thats for me …i wont get into arguement but as a great leader they are fuck and thats similar to some great art work or bulding some people want to argue that its great…. i can agree anytime that spore is a great country but this greatness is as fuck as many thing we hate on earth…and thats the same with malaysia. its a great country but it is completely fuckup. so for me lets just agree that if ‘one’ think they are great…..yes they are! but what make ‘one’ think that being great is the ‘thing’ of ultimatum!?

    for that reason my mind say being great is similar as be and airhole.

    my point here is that ‘great’ thing’s go to hell. thats why i put all of them under 1 umbrella, osama, bush, saddam, lky his son, kim, mahatir, pak lah and all..(haha my father mother inlaw too) i…they deserved hell! adn thats where they should be. for that reason…. hell is where i want to go…i want to see how they are judge.

    if osama is great he have to go to hell bcos thats where he have to argue with the rest of the western wolrd and east who he see as coward and manipulalated etc. he spend to much time in a cave checkng out whitney huston latest blog did we not hear that?. he is fucking bored man!

    i want to sit down and listen to osama, bush, blair and the rest of the great leader in hell talking explaining their reason’s of existence and how much they have bring turmoil to billions of ppl on earth. i want to be there and this court i think defintely is located in hell.

    so i would say lets go to hell! to know the real truth of thing if theres any!

    i want to see some people burned for 100 years and still there screaming for their sin simply bcos my passport say im a voyeur (not malay, chnese, indian, malaysian or sporen) and that their sin are never forgiven. they are the endless charcoal who could not transform to be ashes and there no end for their suffering. they arei n the stomach of the sun to create heat and give live to the cosmos emmm boleh tak?

    the pleasure here pandahead is not about just being selfrighteous but being a witness with an opinon. i think im 1 of them..well its imagined maybe..but thats the ground. since i think im a punk well thats the form i took ..i hate right and and piss me off.

    you dig my riff (im about to call you buddy-but im afraid you wll freak out) man?

    greatness means freak man.

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