Opposition Party @ Awas! Otak-Kotak Meledak


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. anockmearan says:

    then actually , i want to give the link to u all early, but some video that i shoot is too long ,than i cant upload through “you tube”, if somebody have idea , how to edit the mp4 video file? can u give me some recommd software..(free punya lai bagus) To the goodnite goodies guy, very sorry, your video is very long la..hoho.. RTV = rancangan tv ini tidak akan merosakkan minda anda..

  2. anockmearan says:

    since joe dah bagi..
    u all leh tgk kenangan gig Opposition Party @ Awas! Otak-Kotak Meledak kat sini :


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