Off to Terengganu, bosses…


Joe hoards and shares.

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12 Responses

  1. Pijan says:

    balik kg ka? kim salam anak buah mu joe! mana tau bole bertemu jodoh ngn sanak sedara mu di ganu! haha sumpah abg masih bujang lagi!
    Marriage sucks! Monogamy sucks! let’s go hippy! lalalala

    ok,ok lepas ni aku mouth sewn shut!

  2. godisnotcelebrity says:

    Aku dah di KL sehjak 2 hari lalu. Ada hal krusial apa yang membuatmu kembali ke Tgganu?

  3. srzmn says:

    awas, pijan bahaya

  4. thee dr. says:

    Hope everything turns out okay…

  5. rizie says:

    mung pijang..bahaye sungguh..ekekekek…

  6. Pijan says:

    hoi rizie!
    kau nak aku bikin panas line lg tak?
    cam boring je nih..hahaha
    kau nak aku jd political @ apolitical kali ni?
    sudah lah lu mantol!
    dah la baru main half-way dah tido!
    kah kah kah X 100 !

  7. Joe Kidd says:

    To all the friends who called, sms-ed and offered condolences, my family would like to express our gratitude to you all.

    My brother-in-law, known affectionally as “Om” in our circles, died suddenly on Thursday 29th May. He was driving back with his youngest child from Dungun when he suffered a heart attack. He was 52.

    An amazing father, husband and friend, Om was also a huge rock’n’roll and blues fan. The man grew up and spent his younger days devouring music of the 70s alongside fellow Dungun rockers and rebels of the days, including our mutual friend Jalil Ngah who also died a few months ago and many more who had gone on to play in bands and making music to this very day.

  8. srzmn says:

    Takziah joe. Pagi ini juga aku terima sms dari Shantini “Msg from susie kukathas- Toni Kassim passed away this morning”.

    Rest In Peace.

  9. Joe Kidd says:

    I just heard that from I-Lann. Toni was one hell of a lady. A fighter to the end. We’ll miss her.

  10. watai says:

    Condolence to Mr. Joe Kidd and family.

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