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  1. keithxhati says:

    Yeap, Disgusting’s “Salahkah Aku” was home recorded..They are 3 brothers who run this band and their best friends..I know them for a long time..They are not formed Kota Kinabalu but Tuaran 🙂

  2. Joe says:

    hey keith! thanks for the info. sorry i didn’t managed to go and see that hardcore show at Penampang the other day. It was too late anyway, I reached KK round 9pm from Keningau that day. Thanks for the call tho’. next time, boss!

  3. rayrox says:

    aiseh, why dont u said ealier that u was in ranau, yeah, we got a small scene here which can best be describe as the land of suburbia scene, sbb kmi org pedalaman joe, hahah.. i was there at the proletar show the other day, & i do talk to u 4 a mins…

    beside mental syndrome.. just to list a few… we got killacore, north attack south, sweet mary jane, forgive sally n etc..

  4. Joe says:

    hey Rayrox, aku tak plan ke Ranau, we were just driving around staying at some chalets and enjoying the mountains and valleys. Tiba-tiba we thought about visiting Sabah Tea, so off we went and stayed there for one night. The next day we ronda-ronda round Ranau sekejap before driving back to KK. Next time boss! I’ll go and stay with you guys and gals, if that’s okay. I had daun Bayam goreng there, and I want more!

  5. rayrox says:

    ok senior!!!.. will be our pleasure to have u here..(absltly we want c.dung to perform here in ranau-mobsterfest)… dont worry bout the happy pening.. we’ll provide it, hahah..
    -i really am looking forward to see u guys perform in our small town.. oh ya, klu FSF!!!! ada brita, i hope they can come also!!!

  6. boiXrestart says:

    tq for the review joe,actually restart was a 88-style hardcore before i join this band…after that it becomes a fastcore band..after the old line-up split up,i re-restart this band again with 3 new members,they all are metal head..so i change the music lil bit heavier but still with a fastcore element..now im also dunno what type of music are we…hehe…anyways it is nice to know that our music can be acceptance by others.

    tq bro!!for the review…btw,my distortion had a problem while we recording that day,the tune is okay,heheh,just for ur information..

  7. it seem borneo have a great scene there, anyone interested to write about what happen there (scene reports) with photo,etc for the ricecooker zine next issue

    contact :

    thericecookerzine at gmail


  8. Joe says:

    Sometimes kita lupa that Sabah is pretty big and wide, so I think best is to do interviews with people involved in the scene in different towns/areas and then compile it. It would be great if there someone who live there would do it. Kalau tak da, I guess we have to do ourselves.

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