Sunday, 18th October 2009: No Use For A Name in KL


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. xnizangx says:

    Thanks to Permatha Pathah Prod (the guy behind Allunnan Symfony Studio) we can do this show without corporate companies sponsorship. We were talking to Crazee before (the brand that sponsored Napalm Death show in KL).

    We had a lot of arguments within ourselves about corporate companies, sexism, and stuffs. We nearly gave-up. It’s not cheap and some of us really want to see this happening with Nervhous and Red Ink as the organzers.

    Crazee produced another sub-brand called Don’t Trust Girls. Everyone agreed to kick them out of the plan.

    So, thanks PPP for the investment. tell us what you think…

  2. Fizan says:

    kalau kau boleh kencing, kencingkan aje band amerikka nih..bagi dia main elok-elok…set up cun-cun..lepas tu cabut! tiket pun tak masuk akal lah..kalau aku still mampu lah..tapi budak-budak tak abis sekolah rasanya berat jgk nih..

  3. shahrizal says:

    thanks for posting joe! i will send you the flyer shortly. more details to be published soon at

  4. penyurat says:

    anyway NUFAN is not a typical / mtv pop-punk! check out some of their good lyrics below:

    I see you clinging, stereotyping. Just to feel comfort, just to belong.
    Desperate for meaning to make sense of your life. Let me try to make you understand, you got it wrong. You’re not going to catch me waving flags over my head, Looking straight and standing tall. I refuse to build the wall by adding my own bricks that separate us all. I’d rather die
    than be a part of your pride. This ain’t the homeland they’ve written books on. Never have been there, how would you know? Following footsteps that will get you nowhere and living by some rules that were made up one-hundred years ago.

    They will mislead you, plug in and bleed you. I swear I heard the DJ say, “Swallow temptation, believe the answer is in the order you obey.”
    I know my purpose isn’t on a poster sign, I’m still part of the game; Any number can play. Majority vote! Identity? No! Top40 reasons to spoon feed. Immunity lost, full price at your cost, Industry living by disease. Imagine, idolize and idealize a dream; a nightmare couldn’t change. Any number can play. The sound remains unclear, there’s little left to hear, except contradiction. Looks like somebody made our mind, when history repeats the hit that I’ve heard for my whole life. Bring back request to radio; Your favourite song was written, but you’ll never know. A selection for us to see. A blind conspiracy. Another version of the imitated tune, and not one soul was saved. Any number can play. Any number can play. Any number can play. “It’s all right, it’s OK, there’s something to live for! Jesus told me so!”

    …Is anyone alive in here (is anyone)? Acceptance has become a common state of mind. We love stupidity, it doesn’t hurt as much;
    It’s worse to feel than be out of touch. This is failure through conforming, paranoia is a trend, As life hangs in the balance of the weak-minded. Free prescription of placebo for us all. We only stand if it’s safe to fall. You can hide inside your kingdom where the guards refuse to change without noticing the doubt in people these days.
    Faces tell the story of a broken heart. Together, we fall apart.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt our program of dance music to bring you a special bulletin from the intercontinental radio news.”
    The writing’s on the wall, but no one cares at all to convey a message that we wrote ourselves. Destroy the walls we mend and burn the candle at both ends. (I really think we are) Becoming more mindless of the heart (becoming everything we hate), Building our castles for the future (a Trojan Horse is at the gate), Built by the enemy that we made.
    This false sincerity, we hear celebrities. “Buy a hybrid if you can with ten years of your fruit stamps.” Caught myself listening to sheltered excuses for human beings. (So it becomes elite.) They separate, then what have we got? (Nothing in common with their wealth.) One clip can change public opinion (one sin can send you straight to hell). Learned how to lie and not get caught, more piss in the melting pot. Shut out majority with riches (their words become more valuable) Than the voice of a million starving children (that they have a million ways to solve).
    Left freedom bleeding on the roadside, we believe the biggest lie.

  5. penyurat says:

    sorry..NUFAN = NO USE FOR A NAME!


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