No doubt about it, Singapore is corrupting Malaysian youth! Yay for that!


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. alak says:

    Sing me a song, you’re a singer
    Do me a wrong, you’re a bringer of evil
    The Devil is never a maker
    The less that you give, you’re a taker
    So it’s on and on and on, it’s Heaven and Hell,

  2. uzair says:

    they included “kuala lumpur” but has yet to be confirmed the venue

  3. zerox says:

    whoa people

    dont get too excited yet. its actually meant to be top secret info but its leaked out somehow so what the hell

    a check with the promoter showed that its still not 100% confirmed but its likely. still theres hope!

    kecoh ah bulan May…

  4. MoKUjiN says:

    hampir kena heart attack .. heaven n hell fav tu

  5. myo says:

    ni FOB in singapore sabtu ni.

  6. Aunties Flag says:

    Hell yeah!
    pack your bags,
    we’re going to singapore!

  7. jorji says:

    arghhhh!!! BS kick arse!!
    me into the original line up…ozzy rules man!
    thnaks for the info..will spread it! tak kisah la jadi ke tak jadi sabbath datang..dapat sebarkan berita ni pun dah boleh memuaskan hati!! arghhhh!

  8. myo says:

    mane backpackers motel murah near esplanade?

  9. zerox says:

    -Ah Chew Hotel in Bugis
    -Fragrance Hotel and Hotel 81 chains (hotel ‘main’ tapi jadi lah)
    -Prince Of Wales in Dunlop Street

  10. myo says:

    hey thnks.
    range of rent is how much? Sin$10 w/breakfast per nite dapat ke?
    or if can get cheaper than dat, ok gak

  11. ali setan says:

    go see nofx. they rock. least they were, may be still are.

  12. zerox says:

    S$10 mustahil ah…hahahah unless yr really really lucky they have some offer.
    maybe $20 a night per person, breakfast pun takmo harap sangat.

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