Nizang: A Guide to Malaysian Underground Music Fanzine Culture

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  1. JannahTESL says:

    I remember being 13 years old in 1997 and waiting for Wednesday to come so I could go to the mamak store and get my copy of the Edge..Joe Kidd’s Blasting Concept made me feel like I’m a part of the U/G scene. Through his column I got to listen to Seven Collar T-Shirt White Demo album and sent carefully hidden money to Zine makers from Kelantan, JB..

    This is a well written piece. Just one thing KAMI the Zine maker was Teka Teki, aka Lynn, written by one person not as a collective effort. The others were fans, figuring out who’s Teka-Teki.

    You can even visit the mock kami blog at although someone please tell the producers this blog template s*** balls.

  2. Joe Kidd says:

    Thanks Nizang!

    As for the TV drama series, KAMI; it is initially a screenplay written for a full length movie. In a nutshell, it’s a tale centring around five main characters (surburban kids of today) with the local “alternative” music scene as the backdrop.

    When the film makers approached the production house responsible, it was suggested that a TV series should be created as an introduction of the main characters. A sneak peek at the movie, so to speak. This is how the KAMI series of 7 episodes came about.

    The filmmakers have just finished shooting the movie on Sunday. The movie itself should come out next year.

    BTW; both the filmmakers are from the scene itself, and one of them used to make fanzines back in the mid-90s.

  3. xnizangx says:

    i wrote this for my design analysis class assignment. hope u guys can give some comments about my writing. it might have a lot of mistakes and wrong info in there. so, u guys can share your side of story too. coolness. TQ.

  4. scum` says:

    aku first time jmpa column blasting concept dlm surat khabar kat library sekolah. aku koyak dan simpan. hahah. ada intrvw ngan naked butterfly dan lagi satu psl demo demo kot? lepas tu aku dh tak jmpa lagi. aku tak tau pun dia tukar hari. dem!

    btw, im a big fan of joe writings/works after buying c.dung tape. so anythng to do with ‘joe kidd’ will always be my attention!

    hahaha. saiko?

    without him sending me AGE n/l, im not here today.

    thnx boss 😀

  5. khys says:

    thanks… bagus… 🙂

    tapi, ada duplicate. perenggan akhir dalam tajuk Distribution:
    “They who wished to order a fanzine will buy a money order (m.o) or postal order (p.o) from the post office according to the amount of the price with some stamps. Some fanzine editors also used the ‚Äòppd‚Äô system which stands for post-paid, meaning the buyers won‚Äôt have to include stamps in their order letter. Anyhow, well-hidden cash is also accepted but the risk is the buyer‚Äôs own responsibility.There were also some very small distribution labels created by the punk rock kids specializes in distributing fanzines like WCY paper distro from Johore and also Ronin Press from Kuala Terengganu. They mostly recopy the fanzines with the editor‚Äôs permission and sell. This makes it easier for kids who love to buy fanzines.”

    yg ni pula:
    “In 1994, one local professional music magazine focusing on rock music published its first issue.”
    rottw ka? itu tahun 1996 bosss… 🙂

  6. Joe Kidd says:

    Yes, pacai. You got it right.

    Nokia tagging along as the main sponsor for the KAMI TV series is really a downer lah. It spoils the “authentic” slice of life feel, turning it into another “youth product” geared for the “college-age market” and all that money jazz. Very unfortunate that.

    Anyway, it’s the work of the production house lah, not the directors. Production houses would always look for sponsorships and product-placements deals to supplement the funding and also the all important “visibility” in the media. Just like Gol & Gincu, 3R and all that.

    I guess, for the film makers, it’s more like, either you swim along the shitty waters or sink lah. I don’t think they have much choice other than go along and try to minimise the cringe-factor.

    However, I do heard the movie is not sponsored though.

  7. Joe Kidd says:

    Khys, thanks for pointing that out. The paragraph is now fixed.

    Not sure about the ROTTW date tho. But I do remember ROTTW used to cut and paste articles from the net, some translated from English, and some of the writings were by me, taken without permission nor it was credited properly. Since then, I don’t give much props for the magazine. But i do like some of the writings on the old-school rock or 60s bands tho’.

  8. khys says:

    not sure if the writer is referring to ROTTW. if yes, the first issue was in June 1996

    if it’s not ROTTW, I really would like to know the name of that “music magazine focusing on rock music”

    in Singapore, I just know they used to have APS! (Aku Punya Suka – malay rock zine) in the early 90’s, not 1994.
    check out the 1991 covers here…

  9. xnizangx says:

    yeap, i meant to write about ROTTW…it was a last minute work, and i tried to find my first issue of ROTTW (my elder sister bought for me) at my kampung but it’s lost somewhere in the room. i tried to surf but couldn’t find the exact year…thanks for the info dude.

  10. fade2nothing says:

    bro , i think why not juz list up all the list of the fanzine that been made … lets made a tribute to them …

    p/s : its wil better to know whut the editor been doing currently … 🙂 amacam ada braney ka ?

  11. thee dr. says:

    shit…there wer a lot of east coast zines-i can’t remember the names but i remember interviewing D.P.S.A. (Dok Pakai Sket Arang/No Use At All) and brutal scane for nazee in kuantan-shit..i think my timelines getting mixed up here-too many substances-okay it was either him or someone in k.b…anyhoo a couple of comments on the 90’s-blasting concept was indispensible to spreading underground music-the first one i ever read was the bollocks and it also introduced me to bands like damage digital,melt-banana,fist of fury,protest,dust components,disorder track,smash the system,amid the mimic,another and many more-we were even featured in it after our guiness stout-fuelled mar 30 show at the now-defunct cactus club with sputum,basic rights,and muck (static had cancelled)…as for fida i never got to meet her-or i might have-we played in muar and segamat-props to the durrrty south-they showed us a lot of love-at one time i recall her being the premier fanzine editor in the country-someone correct me if i’m wrong?

  12. atriot_vl says:

    It’s very interesting to see this article as I was also wondering what happened to zines in malaysia.
    I am also one of those people whose life was changed by Blasting Concept. Used to waited with bated breathe for every wednesday (making it the most anticipated day of the week during my school days) to get Blacting Concept. I remember getting 2 copies each of the paper and pulling out only that 1 or 2 pages and dumping the rest of it.
    Would rreally like to see some follow up articles to this introduction to zines in msia. Like what is going on now? Some expansions from the points mentioned above.
    One of the best zine I’ve ever read was Cometbus. Is there anything like that locally?

  13. countess says:

    ahh..blasting concept! it was the only reason for me to wake up early every wednesday & ‘serbu’ the campus outlet to get a copy of it..back in the ol’ days lah.

    i met cyborg, the mastermind of the comiczine UNDER ONE FLAG (UOF) from blasting concept, and yes..i met my other half (yatt, UOF’s artist) from that comiczine also. (see? in a way, you did play a big part in my luvvyduvvy story lorrr..heheheh…).

    p/s: still didn’t get the CD that i won til today..hehehhee…but nevermind. my name was there…in blasting concept weyyyy! wuhuuu…

  14. pie-say says:

    awesome articles nizang. those were the days. atriot, just to answer on your question, nah i havent seen none. or possibly i missed any of them.

    p/s unfortunately, i lost hundreds of my personal collection due to facts that i leave it in my hometown and was thrown away by my father. i still regret it till today.

  15. huzaiba says:

    Nice job Nizang.. impress

  16. aedie says:

    i’m impress gd articles here

  17. hasrul says:

    proud of u nizang, great infomtive artcles, gudlak 4 nervous distro too

  18. Ajim Juxta says:

    Nice one.. ;D

    Do u have any infos about doodlezine in Malaysia. I’m currently doing one.

  19. thumbs up!! gud job Nizang ( one of the best editor for fanzine ;p )
    mohon copy paste this artikel for personal collection.

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