Niesa C. – I Assault


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  1. Seelan says:

    great article Niesa! it reminded me of an interview question i asked My Precious for my “Crooked” zine some time back –

    Seelan: having two females in the band, has there ever been sexism towards you? or have people been giving you more attention simply because you have to female vocalists? do guys in the scene try to overly flirt (hit on) with you?

    Kyn (My Precious): Oh gosh. It’s another one of those female questions. It does get tiring after sometime. Yeah…so maybe you have a good point there. People always tell us – how there aren’t many bands playing our type of music in this region who are fronted by girls. And it is being overplayed – the whole issue of us being a girl fronted band. Like how they would stress the fact that we ARE a female fronted band on the flyers of the shows we’re playing at. Yes, we are a girl fronted band and yes, I guess it does turn a few heads and as much as I’d hate to admit it, on a more surface level, yes, i think people actually like/dig our stuff more becos we have girls in the band.
    But we have to seriously bring up this issue of THE music. Again, I would like to stress that Dyn, Zool and Ronny plays a very important, if not pivotal role too in making our music the way it is. We’d like to affirm that noone in the band plays a more important role than the other. We’re a bunch of back-ups. We play important supporting roles in getting the music out. Take one of us out and we’re nothing much as a band.

    Do guys hit on us? Not so much so in singapore actually. There were a couple of scary incidents when we performed in malaysia. We do not have to go into details but it was just scary when people starting pawing at you.

    It is not a popularity “thing”. We’re just another band. I mean I certainly don’t think of our role (as female vocalists) as some sort of a “bait”. We are definately not hanging out on stage trying to get as many guys to come to our shows. In fact I want more girls to come out and have fun wif us and celebrate with us. We take our music seriously and each time we perform we would like to try our very best. It really is just about the music.

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