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  1. xnizangx says:

    I totally respect the band, P.O.H…Nas (the frontman) and the drummer of Full Pledge Munkees travelled the whole Malaysia, even went to Sabah to give the CDs to kids/DIY-friendly shops for consignment. That’s totally D.I.Y to the bones, man. I think this is the first band from Malaysia doing this. And it’s all done quite ‘selamba redah’ kinda way. For example, they don’t have any contacts in KB when they decided to go there and sell these CDs. And he’s planning to expand his ‘distro’ thingy and bring along stuffs from other labels like Broken Noise, etc. And it’s not even a full-time job. That’s so punk rock!

    I hope I have the time and money to do the same for my little label.

  2. myo says:

    berapa harganya joe?nanti nak singgah ricecooker nak beli. 🙂

  3. myo says:

    i bought it lastnite at mcpa. bes!

  4. xnizangx says:

    mcm kemuri pun ade.

  5. syedsyahrul says:

    Aku rasa kemuri memang one of their influences.

    Ya Joe, clean sounding music kadang-kadang macam hilang taring. Too polised, sama kes macam Hujan. Demo version berkali gamba lagi syok dari pro recording. low fi, raw, rasa macam zaman budak skolah, ponteng ko kurikulum pergi jaming. Bukan tak best, cuma feel dia.

    Apa pun tahniah. Plague still the best!

  6. Lugnut says:

    lagu malam memang best…
    buat aku tergamam tentang keindahan lyrics dan lagu..
    nas nyer suara memang best..

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