UPDATE! Monday, 31st December 2007: Oh Seven! Gone To Heaven @ The Annexe


Joe hoards and shares.

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11 Responses

  1. zui says:

    bos, kasi tayangan perdana la itu sinema, power tu bos.

  2. Pijan says:

    Let’s party! Fuck the Loft a.k.a pussy pussy killer lick ass dj!
    Hang the yuppie-scum dj!

  3. myo says:

    joe.nak memeriahkan skali boleh? oh chentaku marilah..


  4. Joe Kidd says:

    Sorry boss. too many acts already lah

  5. rizie says:

    joe.ni full set ke…ke wat kat mane ni?verandah ke kat floor atas? ke akustik..hurmmm..

  6. Joe Kidd says:

    full elektrik set, but small amps and small drums, nothing fancy. but kalu nak akustik pun, no blem, on the verandah, boss.

  7. thee dr. says:

    DEATH TO YUPPIE SCUM!!!!!!oh yea…whose d.e.p.’s line-up?

  8. Joe Kidd says:

    DEP’s Acai & wife turned up at the shop last night. apparently there’s a bit of a problem with the drummer. The (now Cik Gu) Asma is now too busy playing in a band reportedly with “Pahang’s royalty” connections! So Acai is looking for a drummer. He’ll be at the show but maybe playing as a solo acoustic thing, or maybe not. Just told Kojak about this, so maybe Kojak may play bass.

    Wish you are here, good Dr.!

  9. khairul azizi says:

    cant wait for tonite!

  10. scum` says:

    last nite party’s fucking awesome!

  11. anjengitugila says:

    oh seven gone to heaven is fucking good man..
    all performers well done..

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