Monday, 1st January 2007: The Ricecooker & Bau Bau Caf?© – Ground Breaking Party @ Central Market


Joe hoards and shares.

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19 Responses

  1. ekspres rakyat says:

    pergh! jadi buka juga akhirnya bau2 cafe, dengar cerit, ada 13 jenis belacan dari 13 negeri…kewl!

  2. ekspres rakyat says:

    aku meniaga otak2 kat situ boleh ke?

  3. mohd JAYzuan says:

    dulu kalau sebelum pi puduraya nak balik ipoh, aku duk slalu singgah minum kat hameed dan kedai andrew. skang hameed tutup. so, bole la lepak kedai andrew, bau bau cafe dan the ricecooker plak, yeah!!

  4. YEAH….! Joe Bukak Kedai makan, Nampaknya lepas aku habis kerja aku terus singgah sana hehehe… 😛

  5. dean says:

    Goodluck Joe with The Ricecooker!
    Goodluck Atiah & Co. with Bau Bau Cafe!


  6. xnizangx says:

    yeayyy!! aku happy dgn seme berita ni tapi sabtu ni aku dokleh gi…duk kapung lagi. cuti. bereh boh…

  7. MoKUjiN says:

    Good luck!! aku akan singgah kalau aku ke kuala lumpur

  8. rizie says:

    best2..dah ade port org muda..ekekek..

  9. mr sterile says:

    Hello Joe, Ilan
    Fantastic, so pleased to hear that the shop/cafe is up and running.
    Good luck with it!!
    Can you send me a postal address so I can send you some CDs for the store?
    well done.

  10. izzat says:

    Just a note to wish everybody a great 2007! Have fun tomorrow at CM.

  11. scum` says:

    mlm semlm mmg best.
    lepas ni boleh la “jom lepak CM!”

  12. xumb says:

    congrats(and thanks) joe and gang! the good old days of cm are back! sorry couldnt be at the launch, was stuck in the mountain hills of cameron. c u at the shop soon ya?

  13. mohd JAYzuan says:

    malam yang sangat happening!!

  14. Gila Happening malam Tu, Tempat jadi Pack habis Disco tu pun kalah hahaha :P, AKu sampai terputus string 😛

  15. Joe Kidd says:

    Terima kasih everyone. It was a very successful groundbreaking (if I can say so myself!). thank you to everyone who took part, everyone who was there, everyone who helped cleaning up and painting the shops, and everyone who gave us the moral support! There are still a lot of things to be done before the shops can be opened, all help is welcomed!

    I’m a bit busy again with the job to pay for all this plans but I will be concentraing on updating this site in the next few days. again, sorry to those who are still waiting for their stuff to be reviewed and their flyers to be put up here.

    thanks again!

  16. Joe Kidd says:

    BTW; we have one legendary musician helping out with The Ricecooker shop all the past week. His name is Stick and he plays with Ruin in the UK, also used to drum for Doom, Extreme Noise Terror, Zounds, Dirt and many, many more great UK punk bands from the mid-80s till now. He’s super cool and his partner Sarah is also a blast!

  17. rizie says:

    joe..weekend ni ade kat kedai tak?ingat nak gi jalan2 CM.then nak singgah kedai..leh jugak tlg ape2 yg patut.hihi..

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