Monday, 19th May 2008: Cellulite Fest, The Annexe CANCELLED


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. aiseh x dpt nak pi la pulak kene keje…ces…

  2. Kia says:

    aiseh x dpt nak keje la pulak kene pergi…ces…

  3. mohd tiong says:

    yeah..power2..cayalah norly and the gengs..tak sbo nk tgk abang abas kakashi main drum.tak lupe juga paktua jari pari2 bermain gitar.

  4. kid says:

    See how KAH-ROE-SHI sounds like ->

    Listen to one of KAH-ROE-SHI songs featured on the split 7″ with Pazahora ->

    More about KAH-ROE-SHI ->

    Hope to see you people at the show! Please support for Cellulite Records @ dedicated female-punks owned DIY label -> .

  5. rob bee says:

    tools of the trade! yeaayyyyy

  6. thee dr. says:

    Bloodonweddingdress and Tools of the Trade are the ones you wanna keep an eye on for this show

  7. kid says:

    7 songs uploaded (using flash player) on KAH-ROE-SHI

    hopefully that would spark an interest for you people to attend the show.

  8. mohd tiong says:

    For those who’re coming to this show , this is the last chance to watch us performing with our vocalist Yob. This show is considered some sort of farewell show for Yob. He’s leaving to fully concentrate with his band – Estrella. Meanwhile, anyone interested to join The Tools family in voice department, please get in touch for audition! 😀


  9. haq says:

    buat audition kat studio,! la tiong.

  10. mohd tiong says:

    tu la psl.jumaat ni nk letak flyer audition kat studio ko.bole tak?ehehehe..

  11. afiq says:

    band band hebat . mesti p.

  12. dean says:

    aku anta resume kt sini boleh tak faizal?

    nama glam pendek: dean
    nama glam panjang: dean

    personal particulars
    education: agak educated
    experience: ex – Government Issues
    ex – Agoraphobic Nosebleed
    ex – BF Natalie Portman
    skills: pegang mike tgn kiri, tgn kanan letak belakang sambil kepal
    expected salary: 110, 001 Yen per annum
    references: Faris Guitar God (Infinite Delay)
    Hafizat Ismail Drum God (Infinite Delay & Staff RTM)

  13. mohd tiong says:

    haha..power resume ko ni dean.mantap sangat.segan polak kalo tul2 mau try dtg jamm jumaat nih.kasi panas2kan telinga dulu. > references aku pon paris hilton infinite.

  14. Kia says:

    Dean – kitorg semua buncit – buncit belaka.. kita kena ukur dulu kebuncitan perut ko.. lagi buncit lagi true! Hahaha..

    Fariz – Kena cium kaki ko ni oi..

  15. thee dr. says:

    Ex-Agoraphobic Nosebleed? Okay, guys……..

  16. thee dr. says:

    And I was in Slum Scum

  17. thee dr. says:

    No really, I was.

  18. epit says:

    yob tak nyanyi lagi?

  19. mohd tiong says:

    kite org plan gig ni utk die last perform.lom discuss lg.hopefully die ok.apee2 pon ttp kene teruskan n respect die punye decision.yeah!

  20. rob bee says:

    aku nak main lampu boleh tiong?

    papa pon yob terbaek..

  21. kid says:

    Dear people, would appreciate a few minutes of your precious time to check-out KAH-ROE-SHI pictures during our Grinda Batas Indonesia tour last August!

  22. kid says:

    People, please be aware that 19th May @ Monday @ Wesak day which is also a Public Holiday! Do inform your curious friends as well!

    The show supposed to start at 2pm, but we got limited free gifts to give away for the EARLY attendees!

    Hope that would motivates you to wake up a bit early that day! 🙂

  23. mohd tiong says:

    ko nk main lampu ka robbee?zul he zan tak mara ke nnti?atau nk main senyap2 je nnti? kang kantoi polak..gig ni die main gak.mcm mne?ade idea?

  24. ala kid aku nak pi raya dulu…huhuhh…ok la kalo aku x keje boleh la pi…takut kene keje la…dah 3 minggu x pi gig ni…sunyi rasanya hati…betul tak cik tiong

  25. mohd tiong says:

    betul tu cik jimmy.aku phm.baru keluar bilik ka? eheheheheeh.kalo smpt dtg tau ini gig.ini gig mmg superb.

  26. kid says:

    rumors spreading like a wildfire that annexe, the so so-called ‘liberated’ spaces for might be no more soon (as for music shows!).
    too bad, beside the old actor’s studio, this is one of the best venue we had ever. now back to square one!

  27. epit says:

    ye ke?

  28. haq says:

    equipment rental?
    our debut at disaster gig on 20th april.

  29. shahrizal says:

    sapa yang takde selulit kat badan, tak boleh masuk hahaha

  30. rob bee says:

    wooo..alamak lupa zul ada.heheheheh…
    adoi aku baru ja ilang kan selulit kat punggong aku shah,caner?boleh masuk tak?

    noly,ada kek2 tak?lalalalala…nanti aku baling telo kat ko..yeaaaaaaa

  31. dean says:

    kenapa? birthday norly ke? hish. kompem.

    kompem aku belikan present.

    agak2 telor ayam reject sepapan tu cukup tak?


  32. dean says:

    well, on serious note. kahroeshi debut cd pun should be released around that time. dapatkannya. pasti puas! still i figured what if blood on wedding dress perform in their underwear instead of crime scene… hahaha ;p

  33. rob bee says:

    no no no no please..hahahah…abbas gila bulu oi..hahahahahaha

  34. rob bee says:

    no no no no but please..hahahah…abbas gila bulu oi..hahahahahaha

  35. epit says:

    selamba la….mesti best tgk paktua bogel.

  36. dean says:

    epit. aku nk penggal ko. ko bg aku worst nightmare ever!!!

    seriously pak tua, no pun intended. mmg nightmare nih! haha…

  37. mat duan says:

    shah klau orang ada buasir bole datang?

  38. shahrizal says:

    aku tak pasti duan, kau kena tanya norly the boss hahahahahahahaha

  39. penglipurlara says:

    perlukah fuck homophobics tuh diletakkan skali kat flyers nih?
    phd yang xhabis2

  40. shahrizal says:

    aku personally rasa perlu sebab ianya untuk orang yang tak tahu perkataan homophobia ini akan jadi curious “eh apa homophobia tu?” so dia akan dapat educate diri dia sendiri. homophobia itu bagi aku lebih kurang sama dengan racism sebabnya kita judge/isolate/discriminate orang yang tidak sama dengan kita

  41. shahrizal says:

    lagi satu, ianya memberitahu/menjadi disclaimer untuk orang lain yang racism, sexism, fascism, homophobia tidak di-practice oleh organizers dan juga band-band yang terlibat. bukan macam band tu, _________ (sila isi tempat kosong) heh

  42. kid says:

    kah-roe-shi would like to make it clear that as a band we collectively against homophobia, sexism and obviously racism.

    we also hope that would make it clear that we will not consider sharing the stage with bands who promotes homophobia, sexism and racism.

    because homophobia, sexism and racism also means injustice towards the minorities, opposite sexes and marginalized people.

    and we also politely decline to share the stage with bands who promotes the culture of capitalism (corporates sponsorship, television coverage etc.) into the scene.

    we have our own reasons for this, feel free to ask why only through our email:

    more info on us:

  43. kid says:

    its fun to read all the jokes thrown by our friends into this particular comment page.

    but i’m also hoping to see you people writing sensible comments on the serious-part of the show as well, like not supporting homophobia, sexism and racism.

    since this is an urgent alas very important issues thats need to be highlighted in our scene right now. not something to be taken easily or for granted.

    or else witness the self-destruction the so called beloved hardcore punk scene!

    it wont surpise me to see hardcore bands on MTV if we didnt bother to do or at least to say something.

  44. kid says:

    CRUX, heavy hardcore from Aussie looking for shows in Malaysia!

    Gigs organizer needed urgently to help help set-up a show for Crux, heavy hardcore (influenced by His Hero Is Gone, Disrupt, Deformed Conscience from Australia).
    They dont mind small jam sessions on weekdays.

    Please contact me ASAP at 013 249 7199. Kid

    Crux tour plan:
    Thursday 26th June – Not yet booked!
    Friday 27th June – Not yet booked!
    Saturday 28th June – Penang
    Sunday 29th June – Kuala Lumpur

    More info on Crux:

  45. thee dr. says:

    Word on the anti-homophobia/sexism/racism–why not do a benefit show for HINDRAF or other civil-rights groups?-It would be some good shit–as for HC bands on MTV–it’s already happened, but just by being on MTV doesn’t it negate their ‘HC’-ness? It’s an interesting paradox…

  46. zika zika says:

    Aku tengah tunggu band yang main addmathcore lah. Tak pun modernmathcore. Rehatcore lagi best ahaks.

    -aku budak sekolah yang akan berusaha untuk attend gig ni walaupun bakal mengambil Peperiksaan Pertengahan Tahun pada keesokan hari. Lari rumah lagi la nampak gaya.

  47. khairul azizi says:

    panglipurlara ni moralis dari mane yer?

  48. thee dr. says:

    Ia dibangkitkan sebab ia ada kaitan dengan isu homphobia/sexisme/perkauman-itu yang dibincangkan, bukan ‘genocide’ palsu yang kau sengaja bangkitkan-‘genocide’ tu belakang cerita-memperjuangkan hak minoriti-tu yang depan cerita-memelihara hak setiap insan tu tugas kita sebagai manusia-apabila hak civil orang Tamil, ataupun orang homoseksual ataupun kaum wanita dicabar-apabila hak asasi manusia sesiapapun di mana jua diroboh -maka hak kau pun diroboh juga, tidak terpelihara, tergadai-kerajaan kau mempunyai kuasa di atas kau, wahai saudara Penglipurlara yang lara-kuasa hidup mati-dalam hal ini engkau dengan minoriti itu sebati.’…sampai bile diorg nak jadik mcm tuh?’ Kita dicipta berbeza dari satu sama lain untuk saling kenal-mengenali-hari ini mereka dianiaya, keeesokan, munkin giliran kau pula…oleh orang yang engkau bergantung kepada mereka dan mempercayai selama ini-dan mereka itu hendakkan engkau serta rakyat lain dalam keadaan mentaliti macam itu-berpecah-belah di antara satu sama lain-supaya kau mudah diperintah, dikawal, disuruh.

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