Mickey in Johor: The Disney-isation of Hang Tuah


Joe hoards and shares.

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9 Responses

  1. Amin says:

    Agreed, completely. Consumerist America GO HOME and stay home.

  2. yap says:

    setuju setuju

  3. mat yie kot? says:

    chaiss, baru nak strat artikel pasal ni…From Orlando to Johor!

  4. kalium666 says:

    I wanna hold a gig there.

  5. Zaxx))) says:

    “Let Mickey and Minnie Mouse stay home. They are appropriate heroes and heroines for the children of consumerist America.”

    No! I hope they (Disney) will stay & make a proper version of this infamous Johorean folklore: The daulat of face slapping. Haha!

  6. the doctor says:

    you can make a statement like’consumerist america stay home’but you yourselves are consumers of american pop culture-the clothes you wear,the music you listen to,the lingua franca of the underground scene-which coincidentally enough,is english-perhaps not the writer personally ,but these are not opinions,these are facts-perhaps the writer would like to revise this statement-but if they’re gonna do it in johor,how about kluang man or usop sontorian thrown into the mix?perhaps more emphasis should have been put on the crassness and vulgarity of the concept rather than a generalized blanket statement-but a thought-provoking and well-written article nonetheless

  7. kalium666 says:

    Fuck. I wanna go on the Kluang Man ride.

  8. soulkrasty says:

    pembinaan disneyland satu lagi penjajahan secara halus,hmm…logiknya mmg benar…tapi jika dilihat dari sudut ekonomi bagaimana pula?ia merupakan satu pelaburan yg agak bagus utk negara..
    xde masalah pun sebnarnyer dgn penjajahan ke x..yg penting jati diri anda sebagai rakyat malaysia…..semua tu terpulang kepada diri anda sendiri…okay

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