Mat Norr Hospitalised… (Updates)


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  1. PORN says:

    get well soon buddy!

  2. rizie says:

    last lepak ngan mat nor mase gig disko papan,teman die mkn kt jalan alor..nampak reaksi muke dan fizikal mcm sihat je mat nor ni..ape2 pun,get well soon mat nor…

  3. xnizangx says:

    mat norr!!!
    hope you’ll be smiling and healthy as always.
    get well soon.

  4. kenet says:

    Huh.. baru ja jumpa dekat urbanscape aritu.
    doakan yang terbaik. get well soon bro.!

  5. shahrizal says:

    get well soon mat nor! we love you!

  6. Aripv says:

    aku baru je lepak ngn mat norr ahad lepas ngn alak kt kdai makan sambil menonton lee chong wei lawan badminton. terkejut plak dgr berita ni. tapi aku yakin aku akan lepak lagi dengan dia di masa akan datang.

    Get Well Soon Mat Norr. We Love Youuuuu

    p/s: for more info tentang rheumatic heart disease, ni link yg berguna

  7. mosh says:

    mat noq…. i wish u speedy recovery..!

  8. awanhijau says:

    mat nor, wish u a speedy recovery.. hope i could visit u soon but i have been busy all the week.. i really want to know ur progress there in IJN.. i wanted to text u but i dont have ur number.. anyway..
    dear frens.. as i know he had this mitral valve disease which caused by rheumatic heart disease.. because of the mitral valve is damaged, thats y he has to be operated.. open heart is a major surgery that we could not take it for granted only.. i wish i could give hands to help… may God bless u, Mat Norr…

  9. alak says:

    Hello Friends, Well, i just came back from the hospital and it is confirmed that Mat Norr is scheduled for surgery tomorrow. So we need to have RM5000 by today before 6.30pm. Please donate whatever amount you can. check

  10. famy says:

    semoga cepat sembuh en mat nor……

  11. blood says:

    Thanks God! Get well soon Mat Norr

  12. good to here that the operation went successful…get well soon dude…normal la sakit tu beb tulang rusuk habis kene potong pastu kene kepak lagi…pastu kasi jahit balik…lek alak…nnt lepas seminggu mat noq senyum la tuk hang…tuk kita seme…

  13. mosh says:

    17th july and still no update ?? tauke ? how lar ?

  14. mosh says:

    just got this flyers but not adv in the web, kindda last minutes but here goes.

    A benefit Show for Mat Norr

    Channel – X
    Second Combat
    Dum Dum Tak
    The Garrison
    Virginia on Duty
    Disaster Funhouse

    1 August 09 > 3PM > Noisy Ampang > RM10 or more for Donation

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