Mari Mengundi! Yeah, Right!


Joe hoards and shares.

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4 Responses

  1. yrmike says:

    i’m at the ugly site now, i think they do provide the ‘all of the above’ option via the ‘semua’ box on the panel. but i guess thats not really the issue here.
    i’m far from the believe that whatever my vote is in here would be taken seriously by the powers that be. yes, i’m sure this is just another platform for some tech contractors to get some money. they really need to have versions of this in another languages!


  2. yr right mike, i missed it. or maybe it was not there before? scary, my eyes are going!

  3. syukree says:

    kelakar lah cara pak lah memerintah … surat khabar hari dia cakap, kita akan buat program untuk mengurangkan beban rakyat sbb kenaikan minyak … janji paling kelakar!

    gambar-gambar demostrasi boleh dilihat di

  4. howsy says:

    The fella called the interent as ‘siaran komputer’ or ‘computer broadcast’. Do you think he knows a damn about blogs?

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