Love From Hate + Delusion of Terror: Underground Asia CD Compilation – OUT NOW!


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. RBadiola says:

    I remember those good times back in the nineties! I used to play for Drain Brain and No Pressure from Bataan Philippines and we always get invited to play in Pampanga back in those days. Hardcore i so much appreciated in that place, people would go nuts everytime we do D.R.I. and Agnostic Front covers. Nothing has really changes much about me. I still play for my speed/grindcore band Incapacitate here in the US. Nothing beats the good times back in Pampanga those days though.

  2. MADD says:

    pekida/pekima and all their family suck….hail punk,hail metal….under one flag we rules our own world….deny them

  3. BudakBotak says:

    wow! Joe Kidd you really had given me something to think. yes, punk rock is about being diffrent. Punk itself mean being diffrent and all about counter-culture. thanks Joe..
    please update and write more articles on this websites. im new in this subculture. im also the only person around my community who’s into punk.
    this websites really do help me to understand more about what punk is.

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