Leaving Normal?: Muhamad Syukree Hussain


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. xnizangx says:

    just recently he came along with Dum Dum Tak when we played New Era College, Kajang…and went makan satay kajang together and I sent him to KL Central later that night.

    just recently petang raya haji, he came to Kuala Terengganu and we (Syukree, Fazri DRSA zine+wife+kid, and i) went to Sedang (Sleepyjeremy vocalist) wedding and lepak at Fazri and Shabri (Kasih Sayang) house for a cup of tea. I sent him off to Masjid Ladang later than evening.

    Just a few days ago I watched his ‘demo separuh bogel’ video and laughed at how crazy this guy is.

    Syukree might be a pain in the ass most of the time, but…really he inspired and did a kick-start to the Terengganu DIY (3rd generation?) scene back in 1997/98 with his ever-so-controversial fanzine, Chaos PS (PS stands for Pulau Serai his kampung). After his zine was released, we saw zines like DRSA, Narrator, Go Str8 Down and also Mosh arise…

    This news is a shock to me…hope he rest well and in peace…

  2. shahrizal says:

    takziah to all his family and friends. this is a very shocking news indeed. rest in peace, syukree

  3. Joe says:

    Syukree was fired from his job at Suara Keadilan recently and has since been working freelance writing for Watan and also according to him had just been hired by Malaysia Today to cover the upcoming Kuala Terengganu elections. Two days ago he showed me his Ban-Doh trading cards collection, a whole bunch of them! Some were collector items priced at RM80 and more. He regularly joined the trading card game convention around KL.

  4. magnuscaleb says:

    syukree is…love and hate, he was runnin’ topless at War All The Time gig weeks ago and I said to him “mu ni gile” and he replied “bob, mu poser” hehehe,

    rest in peace brother

  5. Joe says:

    Just had a brief talk to his brother. Jenazah mendiang sekarang berada di Hospital Universiti at the Forensik department. I’m heading there with Gulam.

  6. edham says:

    last aku jumpa malam td..aku,joe and ariff..half mask..terkejut aku..time tu kedai nak tutup dia sampai..dia amik flyers yg ada kat situ..’free..molek¬?..’ dia ckp sambil senyum sokmo…
    syukree always be syukree…RIP bro..

  7. xumb says:

    couldn’t remember the last time i met him before last saturday’s suaram show at mcpa. he was all cheerful and healthy(gained abit of weight). had a chat and he told me to sign up for facebook as i didn’t have one. still couldn’t believe it was our last encounter that day.

    despite the hoo-haas he might’ve caused, syukree was a good-hearted guy. condolences to his family and friends. al-fatihah.

  8. xnizangx says:

    yeah, he’s a good-hearted guy. i still remember as we drive in Kuala Terengganu petang raya haji, he told me he just closed-down his long-running blog at hatiku dot blogspot dot com. he love the blog so much. he said it’s because hatiku has hurt a lot or peoples’ hearts.

    maybe it’s a ‘sign’…? as if he knows he’ll be away for good…

  9. thisdayallgodsdie says:

    quite shock to hear this but may he rest in peace..

  10. thrasherliar says:

    takziah. al-fatihah.

  11. shahrizal says:

    if i remember correctly, the last time we met was at the War All The Time show at gigger’s jalan klang lama. he took a picture of me, norly, john hafiz and our friend lina talking to each other. then he asked me “eh mu tak gi bau-bau ke? set-set punk rock belaka kat sana” (an event clashing with the WATT show at annexe) and i replied “eh tak lah, aku tak cukup punk rock lah”, he smiled then to go inside.

    we were not so close to each other but i am definitely touched about his passing. takziah once again. al-fatihah

  12. PORN says:

    walaupun baru kenal..he’s a funny person,baru-baru ni dia bergurau dgn topeng Jason beliau di bau-bau.

    R.I.P bro.

  13. Nox says:

    Al Fatihah

    I barely know the guy, but sad to know that such an interesting guy is gone…

  14. ronzaimin says:

    ayat last sukree masa dia mai ushar Suaram konsert tu….->balik pi tengok gambaq FIGHT CLUB.mentang-mentang la aku skinhead,dia sindir aku.hahaha.sebagai tribute untuk sukree,aku akan beli DVD FIGHT CLUB kat Bt Fringghi nanti.Adios Sukree dan kontroversinya!!!.

  15. Buji says:

    al fatihah

    got this news from wan hazril and was quite shocked, as i just saw him a few weeks ago outside masjid negara.

    although we had some disagreements (mostly minor ones but being blown out of proportion) in the past, he was really a nice person.

    Rest in peace bro Syukri Kontro…

  16. Kia says:

    He did show up his at Extreme Blasting Weekend that day.. maybe he would like to meet all his friend before ‘leaving’.. cheers! Rest in peace..

  17. kid says:

    we got to know syukree during his chaos ps heydays and had seen him went through a lot like ‘everyone knows’. but he is also a friend to us, a hardcore supporter of the diy scene and very active with activism. apart from all those ‘controversies’, he is actually very funny and a kind hearted person.
    we really hope that now finally everyone would remember him as whats good he had done. after all he is just a human being whom also did mistakes.
    we couldnt help to feel so disappointed that we didnt make it to the hospital on time as his family already taken him away to terengganu for proper burial. but anyway syuk, we will remember you as a friend no matter what. rest in peace brother. amen. kid and niesa.

  18. scum` says:

    terkejut aku bila dpt sms pagi tadi mengatakan syukree dah takde.

    aku tak boleh lupa macamana kami duk gelakkan dia sebab tak jumpa cari helmet dia waktu gig launching EP 2nd floor to jump kat bau bau tempohari.

    dan paling tak boleh blah, aku ngan thilaga baru duk ngumpat dia waktu makan tengahari semalam!

    rest in peace.

    *sori tak dpt tgk lu for the last time sbb gua keje dan takde transport nak pegi…

  19. eyena J. says:


    i hardly know this guy. just listen to words bout him from Rizie and Ujay, and i just met him once during 2nd floor to jump EP launch. i can tell he was nice as we had short conversations that night.

    may he rest in peace.

  20. dhani says:

    akan merinduimu.
    semoga aman di sana…

  21. tiong says:

    terkejut gak aku bile zairi inform psl berita sedih nih.agk terperanjat,mcm tak percaya dan berbgai2.byk borak psl ‘man.u’ bile kite org bertemu.ehehe..minat yg sme.kemaruk n excited tak ingt dunia.takziah kpd keluarganya dan berehatlah dgn amn shabatku.aku akn merindui ketawe ko yg tak konsisten tuh-amin

  22. effuan says:


    aku benar benar terkejut bila aku bukak ajer riceooker,aku baca berita ni..

    i was really sad..for me he is a nice person and he will always be..

    yeah,i know he is quit well known with his controversies, but deep in his heart, he is still a nice person..

    i still remember the last time i saw him, during Suaram gigs, where me, alind,miza, kechik,fahmi, sit around mamak stalls drinks teh o ais limau and i still remember he said something like this..

    “mati? aku tak takut mati.”

    and when the news comes, it really surprises me..

    so long my friend..you will be dearly missed..

    i really hope someone can tell me whether his body is already being brought to terengganu or is still in UH..

    can somebody please tell me? thanks.

    farewell syukree..you will be missed..

  23. Joe says:

    hi, jenazah arwah telah dibawa balik ke dungun lebih kurang pukul 3 semalam. info yang selainnya tak tahu. best to call his brother.


  24. AmBu says:

    Takziah dan al-fatihah buat keluarga beliau…Sumbanganmu besar dalam scene underground.Pergimu tiada pengganti, rest in peace Syukree… =(

  25. effuan says:

    thanks joe..

    appreciate it.

    i check your website almost everyday..(well, i do think it is everyday..)

    BUT i never thought that i will receive this news..late..

    i am so busy with my work yesterday that forgot to check your website! i always look at your website during lunch but i forgot to do it yesterday!

    if i just open your website yesterday, probably i can still visit arwah.. 🙁

  26. Edd says:

    A guy who speaks with words of fire,caused a few burns here and there which actually always without fail surprises us on how daring of a person he is compared to me and maybe the rest of us.Behind all of this his actually a friendly dude and have been good friends with me and the rest of my band mates throughout the years.
    Still remember how he enjoys his jagung & betercore mp3..
    rest in peace bro!

  27. last time I met syukree was at the shop, he was hanging out and showing me some of the clip from the New era collage that he put it on you tube.

    can’t believe he’s not here, when i got the message from zeezam around 11.45am yesterday i was shock. At first we thought it was a joke because last time he like’s to do that kind of stuff but then later i found out from joe that he’s really gone. kind of hard for me

    Well syukree…. Keep on Punking out In Heaven dude.. Punk Sok’mo!!

  28. stam says:

    Man… although didn’t know him personally, i felt i’ve done so much ‘dosa’ with this guy, this really is a blow.

    at least he died a fighter, true to his believes to the end


  29. Seelan Palay says:

    I will always remember your bravery, dear Syukree. Love from Singapore.

  30. khairul azizi says:

    Last time i meet him during 97-Shiki showed in ampang few weeks back.He always distrubed me with his funny jokes.Im very shocked when i received a sms about his death.I really respected him from his always dare to stand from what his believe whether sometimes its really hurt himself physically.I still remember when he being beaten in one gig few years back..Im really miss him..:(

  31. Fizan says:

    From Craigums(Conquest For Death /All You Can Eat /Colbom /Your Mother /Love Songs) :-
    “…. my condolences to all of you for losing a friend. on a lighter note – happy new year’s to all ya’ll.”

  32. Tan says:

    We will miss u syukree.

    i heard that fael dumdumtak getting stroke and his right hand already paralyze. is that true guys ??

  33. xnizangx says:

    Yeap, what Tan said is true. It started on 25th Dec when his hand left suddenly can’t work while he’s on-lining. The guys from stick No Bill brought him to Putrajaya Hosp and he went through x-rays and stuffs. The docs said it’s failure of saraf that’s damaged, bits by bits. But her GF (also soon-to-be doctor) said he got stroke. He went for a physiotherapy treatment at Bt Pahat last week, and now back at his family’s house in kepong.

    Last I’ve seen him just before he headed to Bt Pahat, the whole left hand can’t be moved. I might see him tonight.

    We hope he’ll recover soon.

  34. xnizangx says:

    it’s his left hand, not right hand.

  35. Joe says:

    thank nizang. that’s shocking. i heard the news from pijan last night. hope he recovers soon.

  36. scum` says:

    get well soon!

  37. NiciaQ says:


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