Leaving Normal: Jesse Pintado – Terrorizer/Napalm Death


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. dysuc))) says:

    Jesse Pintado will remain as one of the grindcore heroes of all times. And this “Fear of Napalm” song fits well of his unforgotten depature. RIP. Salute.

  2. zaharil says:

    Damn!!!aku memang terpengaruh gila dengan album Terrorizer, World Downfall tu.Album grindcore terbaik selain daripada Napalm Death Scum dan death by manipulation.Aku ade dengar album terbaru diaorang tapi tak sebaik album lama diaorang.Jesse memang ada problem dengan alcohol tu yang buat dia kena tendang dari Napalm Death.Apepun R.I.P brother.Salute……..

  3. infectious says:

    rest in peace jesse pintado…

  4. john Abu Garcia says:

    “The Dead Shall Rise”…is one of my all time fav song…
    All good things come to an end…
    Like that sharp turn round the bend…
    That made you bleed and say Amen…

  5. the doctor says:

    my brother told me about this shit the other day-fear of napalm’ was some good shit but what about ‘corporation pull-in’-a fuckin classic!to paraphrase elton john-‘i really wanted to know you but i was just a kid’-R.I.P.,jesse pintado-as long as your music is played and you are in our hearts ,you will never truly die….

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