Leaving Normal: Howlin’ Dave 1955-2008


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. Pijan says:

    Who introduce punk in Malaysia?
    Joe Kidd? Luk Haas?hehe..
    Cerita skit Joe siapa yang paling ‘punk’ kat Malaysia.
    Kitorang nak tau lah..betul tak readers?

    Oh ya, aku kenal punk dpd member aku nama Bob masa form 1
    kat sekolah sains johor, dia bagi aku tape Sex Pistols tapi dia
    ckp sex pistols tu band trash! abah dia!

  2. Joe Kidd says:

    Who introduced punk to Malaysia?

    It’s the mainstream media la boss. When Sex Pistols created a big hoo-haa via the Bill Grundy TV Show on December 1st 1976, the controversy became an international sensation, and it was reported in local newpapers. I think that’s the first introduction.

    Check it here: Bill Grundy versus The Sex Pistols

    As for me, it’s my big brother. He caught the bug through his friends who were studying at Star, Ipoh. That’s my introduction, that was 1978 and I went on infecting my friends.

    Luk Haas told us Terengganu kids to check out Punisher, Nemesis & Rator in KL. That’s in mid-80s. And we checked them out, and that one turned into a proper musical scene with bands and all. Which is why we are still here discussing about it.

    Siapa yang paling “punk”?

    The original “Angkasawan Negara”, Salleh Ben Joned.

    “Salleh Ben Joned is a living legend in Malaysian letters. His swashbuckling style belies a fierce dedication to spiritual and intellectual freedom. One of a few truly inspired bilingual writers and poets, Salleh achieved national notoriety with his acerbic column, As I Please, which ran sporadically in the New Straits Times ‚Äì and which has twice been published as a collection of essays: erudite, witty, and often risque.

    A second collection of his spicy essays and columns was published in 2003 under the title, Nothing Is Sacred. In recent years Salleh Ben Joned has become a godfather figure of sorts to a whole new generation of punks and disenchanted urban youth who flock eagerly to his poetry readings.

    Educated in Australia, Salleh returned to lecture in literature at Universiti Malaya, where his passion for words earned him iconic status with his students, especially the female ones. Salleh Ben Joned’s genius has never been acknowledged in Malay literary circles (perhaps they aren’t amused by his affecting the Hebraic “Ben” in place of the Arabic “Bin”).

    Indeed, Salleh has endured venomous attacks by Malay sasterawan (literati) whose ethnocentric concerns and smug mediocrity grate against him. His readers, however, are grateful for the hilarious spoofs Salleh has penned, inspired by these parochially-inclined, poetry-declaiming sasterawan.

    I would unhesitatingly classify Salleh Ben Joned as a national treasure.” – by Antares from here

  3. Pijan says:

    Macam bengang je bunyi joe?Nak bahasakan aku nih..hahaha..Yes Joe! Salleh Ben Joned is my idol! He’s the only one who lead us (Man,Rahmat&me) going all out naked-stripped at one of our performance arts in Bangsar Utama. We called ourself ‘Angkasawan Negara’ for that show but shit happens afterward Man get screwed by his ITM-folks and lecturers prior to the issue of being too ‘westernized’. Man even told me, his former lecturer warned their student not to imitate their senior student footsteps such him. How pathetic ITM was!

    Punk started in 1976? I dont even noticed that! I was born to the wrong time and to the wrong place I guess! 1978 in Segamat, Johor. Fuk this place is so damn hard to be a ‘punk’, my mom prefer me to be a ‘Bilal /Imam Masjid’ instead, as she’s proudly announced it everyday! Johor is so fukin racist state, there’s not any single opponent party win any seat there! The mentality of the peoples from there is so same, sad, sick, oppressive and I was surround by my childhood friend who always wanted to become a soldier /police when grew up! That’s why today I have so many friends in police dept! haha joked.

    Hmm for sure of course if you’re so fukin crazy with ‘punk’ you’ll get noticed that Bill Grundy TV Show on December 1st 1976 through fanzine, newspaper, etcetera I still keep all of the magazines, records, photo etc related to ‘punk’ history and so on until today.
    Well, pls don’t rob me my friends, rob joekid..he got more stuff than me. I even thought to blow and rob him off one day.

  4. Joe Kidd says:

    hey pijan. aku kena flu, so jadi malas nak elaborate panjang-panjang.

    One more thing, aku tak cakap “punk started in 1976”, tapi mainstream media sedunia mula bukak mata tentang band-band sewaktu dengan the Pistols apabila jadinya kes Bill Grundy di UK.

    But kalu nak trace the history, you must check out New York/Boston in 1972-76 (New York Dolls, The Modern Lovers etc.) or late 60s Detroit (The Stooges, MC5 etc.). Kalau nak pergi lebih awal, go to the history of Velvet Underground, Nak awal lagi go to the history of Rock’n’Roll. Nak awal lagi go and read about the Yippies, the life of Salvador Dali, Dada, Situationists, dan seterusnya lah. In all period of history ada contohnya, bla bla bla.

    And Pijan, I’ve never been “blow” by a guy before but if you want to “blow” me, you would need to ask for permission from the missus first boss.

  5. scum` says:

    “And Pijan, I‚Äôve never been ‚Äúblow‚Äù by a guy before but if you want to ‚Äúblow‚Äù me, you would need to ask for permission from the missus first boss.”

    cemana pijan?

  6. srzmn says:

    hahahahaha!!! aku pun nak jugak muahaha!!

  7. Pijan says:

    Aku melawak aje lah joe punk start 76 tu. Mungkin lawak aku x sehebat Raja Lawak agaknya! kah kah..Aku tau lah bang, first video Ramones yg aku tgk pun show tahun 74′, New York Dolls tahun 72′.
    Anyway kalau x refer kat kau joe siapa lagi lah kat Malaysia ni yang aku nak tanya pasal benda ni semua. Lepas ni kena buat quiz punk lah, ok soalan pertama Johnny Thunder tu bapak dia kerja apa ya? Adik-beradik dia berapa ramai?hehe

    Fuk lah mamat2 bisex kat atas 2 ekor ni. Org tgh dig psl punk Philippines lain pulak yg disampuknya. Melancap aje lah kalau dah x tahan sangat tu yop! Tak menyusahkan mak bapak orang!

    Well, if anybody knows about All You Can Eat tour in Philippines in 93′ or something, can you share with me if you guys got their review, flyers, photos, etc Thank you.

  8. srzmn says:

    one day pijan, one day… kau akan blow aku!! hahahahaahahaha

  9. Pijan says:

    yop! gua dah jatuh cinta kat rora fasivi lah ok x?

  10. srzmn says:

    cool!… tapi berhati-hati dong. lu tanya Din dulu cerita belakang beb!

  11. Pijan says:

    Mana mohsin ni?? bagi lah iklan skit kat sini.. best ni segment ni, music history beb..it’s a fact not a speculative views.

  12. alak says:

    Pijan, i love u man. hang buat aku gelak ah pagi-pagi…hahaha

    …and Salleh Ben Joned is so a punk rocker with his art of pissing at balai seni.

    Well, the mainstream media did exploited the culture and gave it the label “Punk” during the 70’s but there were never evidence on where,what time or date and who exactly created it. The beauty of it is, it just happened and it may had existed way before that. I’m sure there are some old folks in Malaysia who were listening to Woody Guthrie in the 50’s or 60’s, its just the media back then was’nt interested enough to cover that. And maybe during the ‘zaman melaka’ there were also punks who were playing their own traditional ‘punk rock’, but Hang Tuah had to killed them due to its subersive lyrics about the ‘Kesultanan Melayu Melaka.’

  13. srzmn says:

    Oh yes Alak, Salleh punya air kencing. Itu kes kalau tak silap hangat in the 70’s,

    “Pancutan air kencing aku lebih Zen dari artwork kau ni!” katanya pada Piyadasa. Nice.

  14. zkuning says:

    the history of punk di malaya? in 1784 Raja Haji Fisabillilah beats the dutch in Bintan but later dies when bieseiging Malacca. with small group of wariror he fuck almost everybody. but im not sure if Raja Haji is the first punk..and 1787 the iilanun (pirates) drive the dutch out of Bintan.

    Hang Tuah is 14 century definitely hes not a punk. those period either they play kedangkong (music/groove) or joget and they drink tuak and i think hang tuah pun ada menuak and kedangkonglah

    but i also dont like it when people talk about punk they talk about american or english punk from 60’s or 70’s.

  15. Pijan says:

    yes zai! kadang2 aku pun terfikir kalau kau dah lama dlm scene ‘punk’ ni mesti kau dpt etika-etika dia contoh :- no heroes, no trend, no idol sampai lah ke political matters mcm racism, sexism, capitalism, anarchism dan semua ‘ism’ ini lah. Tapi apa yg terjadi, kita sendirilah yang meng’idol’kan punk2 masa lampau daripada London, California dan negara-negara pencengkam ekonomi dunia ni. Dan member aku dari California pernah ckp, kalau nak jadi punk dan kau asal dr sana, semudah petik jari! Aku rasa kalau aku ni asal London, mesti aku malas nak jadi punk, mungkin dah jadi raver kena acid trip tiap-tiap hari lagi syok! kah kah Takdelah, maksud aku nak buat apa kita meng’godz’kan sgt otai-otai punk dr US /UK ni, aku slalu cuba contact band2 punk yg dah establish dan agak dikenali kat sana, hmm dengar nama malaysia pun trus bohh lyn..dulu ada satu band, Propagandhi dari Canaduh, masa tu vocalist dia Chris baru start record label, G7 Welcoming Committee dan band ni mmg influence Noam Chomsky /Howard Zinn, kira anarchist band lah, tp masa tu record label dia cuma release band2 dr US /Canada aje. Akupun sound lah Chris apa crita band2 dr 3rd world country, mu takdak support pung!
    Langsung depa punya next release terus kluar band2 dari Costa Rica, Latin America dan negara2 yg x pernah dgr mcm Panama etc. Hmm tak taulah kalau apa yg aku sound kat dia tu berkesan. Tp sampai skg Chris mcm ‘kureng’ dgn aku lepas aku bigmouth psl punk negara maju tu..haha..takpe band aku sekarang pun sedang meng’rip off’ sound Propagandhi sehabis baik! haha biasalah..post-modern! Do you want to sound original? Ops, what’s original?Haha

  16. thee dr. says:

    Came to this thread a little bit late, but…another band who are under-rated in the formation of punk/thrash is Blue Cheer. They were a power trio from the West Coast who were known for their VOLUME as well as their combustible live shows. Their debut ‘Vincebus Eruptum’ , released in 1967 (three years before Black Sabbath’s self-titled debut)contains the DNA of what would become the aforementioned punk and thrash but also heavy metal, stoner rock, sludge, noise, no wave, psychedelic as well as elemnts of rock ‘n’ roll and the blues. They are a direct link between Albert King and Slayer. One of their most notable shows was February 16th, 1968 when they played the Shrine Auditorium with Jimi Hendrix and Electric Flag. Their power trio format impressed upon later West Coast stoner acts such as Sleep and Acid King. Newer acts like An Albatross cite them as a huge influence and often tour with them. They are still in existence, albeit with several line-up changes.

  17. lori says:

    Raja Haji Fisabillilah?haha mind to include si bongkok tanjung puteri…and all the bugis known as ‘lanun’ that robbed english ships those day haha

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