Leaving Normal: Chelsea


Joe hoards and shares.

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6 Responses

  1. ben says:

    chet det said lah.

  2. aizu says:

    another japanese punk heroes gone.rest in peace.

  3. Joe Kidd says:

    Shit! I’ve just got PaintBox’s Singing, Shouting, Crying album (1999) and it rips! Driving hard speeding bullet train with blistering solos by Chelsea. Amazing!

  4. iem says:

    after the death of a real massive distorted dbeat noise guitarist master’s Kawakami, Deathside’s Chelsea is one of the best guitarist that I inspired, his bullet driving solos speed really rip’s ace!!! “Burning Chelsea Burning”

  5. Patheic ape says:


  6. spikey says:

    i heard several songs from this band on some compilation..great tunes..
    rest in peace punx!!

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