Leaving Normal: Boy Punisher / Naked Butterfly


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. ejoi says:

    Al Fatihah!

  2. mohd JAYzuan says:


  3. kalium666 says:

    Only met him once or twice.

    My condolences to his family.

  4. Joe Kidd says:

    Just got back from the funeral. Most of the “old guards” were there, some greying at the temples. funny how we only come together and meet when this sort of thing happens. It was good meeting them though – some were members of Maggots, Sil-Khannaz, Nemesis, Flop Poppy, Naked Buttterfly, Stone Crowe, Assault, Kitanaichi, etc. Many could not make it due to work and other commitments but we had a lot calls and sms-es from all over.

    Boy was buried on a hilly cemetery, with his plot high up at the top. I can’t help thinking that it’s a good view from there. It was getting quite emotional around the end of the ceremony but as my grandma told me once, “Don’t cry, let them go in peace.”

    By the way Boy was in his mid-30s and he left 4 kids, the youngest only 2-months old.

  5. $weE+ 666 says:

    hi joe kidd… i think maybe u know me, maybe not…
    i am sam kitanaichi’s wife…

    saja nak add something here related to ur entry. allahyarham boy terkena electrick shock di rumahnya sendiri sblom masuk waktu maghrib semalam. menurut watie (isteri arwah), beliau sendiri yang menyuruh watie menekan suis lampu tersebut dan kemudiannya menjerit sblom rebah.

    ini sesuatu yg sangat mengejutkan saya, sbb baru je bertemu dengan arwah kira2 2 minggu lepas di alpha angle bersama isteri dan anak-anaknya. arwah nampak hepi sgt dapat berjumpa saya dan sam. dia sempat bermain-main dgn fenriz, memeluknya dan berpesan byk kali supaya kami singgah ke rumahnya.

    kesempatan bertemu isteri arwah malam semalam, dan melihat anak kecilnya yg tak mengerti apa-apa, membuatkan saya tidak kuat. spatutnya saya dtg memberi kekuatan kepada isterinya, tetapi saya tunduk pada perasaan sendiri. tidak mampu.

    al-fatihah utk arwah~
    smoga rohnya di cucuri rahmat…

  6. adik says:

    al fatihah
    moga Allah mletakkn rohnya dkalangan org2 yg briman- Amin

  7. missblacken says:

    al fatihah

  8. nizam says:

    joe…maybe it’s too late but i’ve just read this! (after years of leaving the underground scene) ..i still remember arwah brought me the voivod tee shirt at pertama complex which was air-brushed by rosdan.. really a nice guy.

  9. Joe Kidd says:

    Hey Nizam, it’s never too late. Thanks for writing in. Os and me was talking about doing a tribute to Boy, with the money going to his family. But lets see whether it will happen.

    Thanks again.

  10. Seppul says:

    Al-Fatihah… may he rest in Peace…

    May Allah put him together with rest of good Muslim… Amin

    Takziah to arwah Family

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