Leaving Normal: Bart – FTG


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. Fizan says:

    Rest in peace..

  2. i remember hanging out with him at Wilayah Complex few times when i was a kid.. i forget the studio name – if i’m not mistaken – it called Wasiat, he was funny guy and that Freedom That’s Gone tape was the only release that i listen to from FTG, and the memories will be remembered … Rest in Peace!!!

  3. Joe says:

    tell you guys the truth, back in the late 80s, a lot of us back then saw FTG as an “outsider” band, not really a part of the “scene” since they were basically a bunch of sessionist musicians working for FGM Records, playing on recordings for pop “artists” in the label’s stable such as Zaiton Sameon, Eddie Hamid, etc.

    Looking back at it now, I guess it’s our fierce sense of “territorial pissing”, really suspicious of the “others”. Typical closed-up behaviour those days!

    Throughout the years I got to know Jac and especially Mie (the bassist) and even though I’m not a big fan of their brand of “thrash metal” I find these guys awesome as individuals. Really hard-working lot, and Mie is a funny, funny guy.

    You should ask Mie about FTG’s experiences in playing all the Felda estates and some small towns south of Thailand, a lot of amazing, hilarious and tragic stories. For years and years I “tabik” these guys, even when they played forever at a show we organised at the Central Square, Plaza Yow Chuan in 1992. They refused to stop and kept playing and playing sampai the other bands got really fed-up! Ahhahahaah!

    I didn’t know Bart well though. Wish I did. Condolences to all his friends, loves and family. Hopefully he’ll be forever remembered and celebrated.

    FTG = “Fuck The Government” but of course you can’t use that for a title; the record company would shit bricks.

    Adios, Bart! Our thoughts are with you…

  4. zach says:

    As writing this, the lines of ‘Behind This Wall’ echo in my head.

    “Can you hear this voice behind this wall?!”.

    If it wasn’t him that I heard shouting this chorus line circa 1991/92, I wouldn‚Äôt be here in this scene at the first place and constantly checking Ricecooker almost everyday.

    He (and among other prior thrashers out there) without any doubt deserves respect for that.

    Thank you and rest in peace, brother. You’ll be sadly missed by many.


  5. Fizan says:

    Yes Studio Wasiat! I used to jam there in ’95 – ’96 with my former classmates like So’od (The Suspect), Fowler (Faizal Tahir) etc covering Klover, Subculture, Greenday haha..It’s much more better than Abang Man’s Hellion Studio at Bangunan MARA..Old story but yeah I still remember seeing lots of metal bands poster on their wall..
    I’m coming from the same school with Sam’s Cromok when all my friends were into thrash so yeah it’s a must for everybody to be exposed to FTG, Saxo, etc. Well yeah now I must admit I used to know Napalm Death, Bulldozer, Metallica from them first before The Clash. 🙂
    Surely he’ll be missed!

  6. morbid says:

    first time aku dgr dari tape split Incarnation, FTG dan Modar.
    dan check this out guys, one of the songs yg ada dlm album tu :

    Kill The Evil : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hj1IToKWpbU

    lagu dr album After The Promise, aku suka Kids Of The Day tapi tak jmpa lah. yg jumpa cuma

    Fire : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qve5NZpP4uI

    enjoy it coz all the cassete is gone!!!

  7. morbid says:

    err.. i mean, REINCARNATION. hehe

  8. thee dr. says:

    No fucking way!! Our heart goes out to his friends, family and bandmates!! FTG is probably the first Malaysian thrash metal band I ever heard/heard of! ‘Kill the Evil’ of their debut ‘Freedom That’s Gone’? Are you fucking crazy? It’s Malaysia’s answer to ‘Creeping Death’ or ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’! Their first 2 records totally ruled my world when I was growing up–there was such an improvement between the 2!! Then in ’94 I was on vaction and hanging out in KL and yes–I went out to look for my thrash heroes–they never hung out at CM-outsiders indeed, very elusive, playing on an entirley different level to an entirely different crowd–I made my way over to Wilayah–the studio they practiced at was Wasiat but I think called Black Widow at one point (am I mixing this up?)–Happy Nightmare (another amazing, amazing band) practiced there too and FTGs drummer Zam actually did session work for them. Finally I met them all! I was armed with a complete and utter lack of shame–I think the novelty of being a young white boy (I was 18) who spoke Malay intrigued them–next thing I know I am a kedei makan stall with them and their friends hanging out and BSing. I never knew they were studio musicians but those guys were metalheads born first and foremost–highly seminal band, great vocalist, eternal legacy–we’ll miss Bart but he’ll never really die as long as the name ‘FTG’ is on people’s lips, their music in their ears and the memory in the hearts.


  9. Core Blckfire says:

    Joe..Thanks For Info.
    Bart “Rest In Peace”.

  10. wan says:

    and remember, kill the evil, muzik muzik (91or 92) tv3 national television. RIP

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