Leaving Normal: Arthur Lee


Joe hoards and shares.

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4 Responses

  1. Eddie Wrong says:

    First Syd Barret, now Arthur Lee. The death of two musical genius in a short time of 2 months. Now, I must to add Forever Changes to the “All my Heroes Are Dead” playlist that has been on mournful rotation for the past month.

  2. Joe Kidd says:

    When I was in Melbourne a few years ago, Arthur Lee was playing at The Corner but I didn’t have much money to go and check him out. Now I know that I was given my last chance to see the man in flesh and I blew it.

  3. kip says:

    LOVE’s “forever changes” is one of my favourite album of all time…period !!

  4. Eddie Wrong says:

    Yes i remember that year Joe. 2003,I was in Melbourne too. I think he played two shows.and I’m kicking myself in the nuts for not making it . Who else to go, Brian Wilson? Be wary sir!

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