Leaving Normal: 360º Head Rotation’s guitarist Jack Nathan


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. izzy s says:

    for what it’s worth i am glad i shared the few peaceful and significant moments with someone like the late jack nathan; an awesome guitar player, and the humblest, most accomodating human being. i thank god for the few talks about guitar and gear and blues and hendrix i had had with him over the years whenever i saw him.

    i even played his classic electric once — which was a huge honour!

    it was really moving to see hassan brown busy and teary-eyed helping jack’s family with the funeral rituals. it was a pity his lifelong friend, kindred spirit and bandmate rafil couldn’t attend.

    my heart goes out to jack’s family and loved ones, as well as rafil and all his friends who will miss him as a person and as a great guitar player and musician.

    one love and rest in peace jack nathan…


  2. kalium666 says:

    Thanks for the post, Joe. I’m headed back to KL now.

    Jack’s showing Jimi how to play mean motherf*cking punk ass blues now.

  3. the Civil dude says:

    man cant believe this thing would happen,

    still remember jack and the 360 degress head rotation played at the old Paul’s place in Pj on the Tribute to John Peel gig.

    he was the first person that i see to shread a guitar damm awesome. man… we going to miss him so much


  4. mohd JAYzuan says:

    old paul’s place, tempat pertama kali jumpa rafil dan jack.

    May God bless him.

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