Leatherface – Don’t You Ever Say Goodbye


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. shahrizal says:

    thanks boss, now let’s pray for Jawbreaker

  2. Joe says:

    lets pray for Leatherface to come here! somewhere in late 2007 I wrote to Frankie about Leatherface stopping over here on their way to their Australian tour but it was a bit too late for them to revise their travel plans. we’ll catch them early next time!

  3. blood says:

    Sound similar like CHINA DRUM

  4. Joe says:

    They are all melodic punk bands centred in and around the Northeast of England: Leatherface (& Jesse), Drive, Hooton 3 Car, China Drum, Blocko, Snuff, Broccoli, Ohno Express, Chopper, Shonben etc. China Drum & Leatherface sometimes toured together, along with Doctor Bison (Dickie’s band), so they are in a way intertwined and influenced each other. That said, I only have one CD by China Drum but it’s shit (Goosefair), nothing like the majestic and lofty heights scaled by Leatherface’s calssics LPs (Mush & Minx). Mush is like godly! Goddamned!!

  5. Joe says:

    kalau masih tak percaya, do go here and download MUSH. Be prepared to fall in love with a fat balding bloke that is Frankie Stubbs:


  6. blood says:

    Thanks Boss. saya hanya ada kaset CHINA DRUM : Goosefair album

  7. blood says:

    U right. Now i looking Wipeout(1996) album

  8. Fizan says:

    What’s you guys fav song?
    Mine : Ship Song from Horsebox CD

    China Drum aku beli kaset dia dulu kat kedai Tommy, lepas Joe review dlm Blasting Concept..tak brp sedap pada aku…hehe..Frankie Stubbs gak yang lunak..kaki pukul ni mamat ni..haha

  9. blood says:

    Haha..aggro face.Yeah, hopefully their come here. Bringing back 90’s sound

  10. Joe says:

    Pijan! that ship song is a cover of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds punya lagu boss. You should also listen to Leatherface punya cover of Abba’s Eagle! These guys suka cover-cover lagu orang, most of the time making it sounds better, but that Ship Song punya cover tak boleh lawan Nick Cave punya time Live @ Paradiso, Amsterdam – naik buku roma boss, menitik air mata!

    BTW; aku prefer “Not Superstitious” & “I Want The Moon”

  11. shahrizal says:

    i love sour grapes

  12. Joe says:

    BTW guys, do check out Melbourne’s DEATH IN THE FAMILY for a band who’re greatly touched by the magic of LEATHERFACE but is gauging a new area in the landscape:


    and do check out the 2xCD tribute to Leatherface put out by Rubber Factory Records (rubberfactoryrecords.com/) – Death In The Family did a cover of the beautiful Watching You Sleep.

  13. shahrizal says:

    me and tobek had a little chat with members of NOT OK after their show at Noisy recently. they told us to check that band out too. good shit, really.

  14. Joe says:

    A DEATH IN THE FAMILY’s new album is sounding a bit too much HOT WATER MUSIC so I still prefer the debut LP from 2006, This Microscopic War, which was produced by Frankie Stubbs himself. It’s just being rereleased, so you guys should try getting it. Really good mix of the best LEATHERFACE & HOT WATER.

    ADITF also had a split with Finland’s MANIFESTO JUKEBOX, another great band influenced by JAWBREAKER, HUSKER DU & LEATHERFACE. They split-up last year though, but do hunt down for their releases. THE SHITWORKERS were talking to them back in the day about doing a split, but we didn’t make it past a few gigs. Damn!


  15. Fizan says:

    Oh, ya ya ingat..Finland’s Manifesto Jukebox tu pulak dulu member aku budak GREBO (UK band) ada recommend tapi aku dah lupa..ada lagi CD..lama gila siott zaman makwe lama dulu,Linda dia yg minat sgt.. hehe..Baru skrg band ni di petik balik. Maknanya, kita kena simpan khazanah-khazanah lama nih..
    Anyway, kat U.S band-band yg sound Leatherface byk release under No Idea! mcm Off With their Head, Tiltwheels etc..ada lah aku dpt record 1, 2 yang selebihnya Shah yg download dan copy untuk aku..Thanks.
    No thanxs to punk kedekut!

  16. Joe says:

    “No thanxs to punk kedekut!”

    hell yeah! zaman dulu-kala dulu, one of the main points of being in the scene was to share. and we shared. like crazy. everytime one of us has a new recording (kalau dulu kaset lah) kami akan cari sesiapa yang ada double-cassette player/recorder and make copies for our friends, siap buat cover pakai cut’n’paste majalah Newsweek/Time (yang gambar “punky” sikit lah!). back in 1980 i went to singapore mengikut gerombolan para pengawas/pengawas-perpustakaan (i was not in the team but somehow allowed to join in). Anyway, any shop we went we would buy 4 or 5 tapes yang kami jumpa, so we can bring back to terengganu and share with our friends. when one of us opened a shop in KT, me and Shahlan both put most of our tape collection there at the shop so kids can come and copy them. nowadays, everything is easier with the net, the CD-Rs and all that BUT very rarely budak-budak share among themselves. Fuckin’ selfish bullshit, i must say.

    Okay people, lets do an mp3-sharing party at the new ricecooker shop soon. all bring their mp3s on laptops or external hard disks or thumb drives and share! there must be a rule though, i believe new releases by local/international DIY bands should NOT be shared. Maybe one or two samples are okay but the point here is we should support the bands by buying their releases.

    lets have a date soon…

  17. Joe says:

    btw, pijan! pinjam that Manifesto Jukebox CD tuh! aku punya dah mana pegi dah.

  18. Fizan says:

    That’s why I’d prefer cassette tape /records today after learning some ‘enlightenment’ lessons from some nice fellows in the scene. And you know what, I think people in this scene is highly self-esteem enough in failing people attempt to become a rockstar since 1982? 1977? Haha..There’s one being said recently that tape is cool and trendy today so more people are into it because of ‘trend’. I don’t want to point who’s who. I just want to make friend with everybody but it seem impossible to happen. People are always disjointed between each other. That’s it.

  19. Nox says:

    I love Leatherface, especially Mush, Minx and The Last…
    There is a whole legion of Leatherface’s worshippers on the Japanese label Snuffy Smiles if I’m not mistaken.
    Apart from Not Superstitious, my fave are Not A Day Goes By and Little White God..

    Now, in the spirit of sharing, check out another Sunderland heroes: the Red London! Here’s a link to their 2nd LP Outlaws (1994) : http://www.mediafire.com/?yxdfxmzzxdl

  20. Joe says:

    thanks nox! you sure you’re not the guitarist and singer in The Vibrators?

  21. Nox says:

    Correction! The Outlaws LP was released in 1989 on the French label, Negative Records. Read more here : http://www.punkoiuk.co.uk/INTERVIEWS/redlondon.htm

  22. hahaha teringat doh…dubbing kaset smpi master pun naik sembab…pastu kaset past sane sini…pastu hilang…anyway sesape terasa nak d/l lagu yg dah susah nak dpt sila2 lah…byk lagi aku nak upload…x de mase je…kat ofis je dpt buat…
    Ni Zeezam Scum dah bagi kaset2 die kat aku suh transfer pi mp3…blom ade mase je…


  23. blood says:

    JUMP JIMMY JUMP : Terima kasih boss!

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