KONTRASOSIAL and RAJA SINGA South East Asia Tour getting near!

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  1. XXPijanXX says:

    Kid! tarak band yg main cam aus rotten, defiance, anti product, boycot etcetera kaa?? bagi satu!

  2. kid says:

    Gulam Pure Mind/Dead Symphony just now suggested to me that we should try to call TSA from philippines which i heard now based in singapore, i agreed that it sounds like a very good idea.
    I heard Nizang and friends did tried to get them here before but unfortunately one of the TSA members had problem at our Malaysian custom.
    Anyway, I wonder if that problem now settled and whether they can enter Malaysia.
    Nizang, can you give me TSA contacts? KID

  3. Kid says:

    fastgame now drummer tarak
    the old one now main teleburry
    muak main laju agak nya, hah!
    who can recommed me a drummer who also into fast hardcore/punk?
    and paling penting DIY!

  4. despair.hc says:

    ala apa susah … kasi ” fastgame ” la .. play fast or die … haha

  5. Yusth says:

    ape kata ko je kid, main drum sambil nyanyi… urghhH!!! gerek seh!! hahahaha..

  6. Man Beranak says:

    ko jer lah main Yus utk Fast Game, ko kan mat blastbeats!!

  7. despair.hc says:

    drumer yg so called ” DIY ” list …

    1. Yusth Kerbau
    2. Mat Yus
    3. Poiden
    4. Chem
    5. Apiz Chaos
    6. Hassan
    7. Aboi
    8. Kia

    hahaha juz a few name that come in my minds currently … so who its will be … ? 🙂

  8. despair.hc says:

    drumer yg so called ” DIY ” list …

    1. Yusth Kerbau – suara anak muda
    2. Mat Yus – defeat
    3. Poiden – attack of the killer germs
    4. Chem – Jahat
    5. Apiz Chaos – Sarjan Hassan
    6. Hassan – Sarjan Hassan
    7. Aboi – Opprobrium Adornment
    8. Kia – Specops ” hehehe ”

    hahaha juz a few name that come in my minds currently … so who its will be … ? 🙂

    p/s : sorry lupa pages nie tak bleh pakai simbol >

  9. Man Beranak says:

    saya memilih Yusth Kerbau !! hahaha

  10. yusth says:

    yusth kerbau was totally sucks!! ew…

    cilakak lu despatch hc…

  11. chan von havoc says:

    saya pilih yusth kerbau jugak la!

  12. khairul azizi says:

    saye memilih ron sabiron boleh?

  13. Man Beranak says:

    ron sabiron tiada didalam list.
    mari memilih Yusth Kerbau.

  14. MoKUjiN says:

    berapa no sms undi nya?

  15. edd says:

    Really Sorry to everyone and the bands that
    turned out at last night’s Kontrasosial gig in penang.
    The Gig started really late due to the mixed up of dates
    with the owner of the venue.
    The gig was suppose to start by 5pm but because of
    the small problem,its started at 7.30pm.
    I would like to take the oppurtunity to apologize to everyone
    and all the bands involved in the Kontrasosial Penang show last night.

  16. MONSTER PAAN says:

    Gila kau Zizi…Yusth nak main indie laa…hehe…tetapi saya tetap memilih Yusth walaupun dia barangkali satu hari nanti akan bermain indie…apa aku mengarut siaak…Yusth….tetap Yusth…undilah Yusth…hahaha!!!Aku boleh main drum apa…

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