Knot Records: Pusher & The Pips Debut Albums – Free Downloads!


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. alak says:

    Just a reminder bosses. The free downloading will only be there for a certain period of time. We’ll delete the links in a couple of days.Cheerios!

  2. augustine says:

    download selagi mo mencuri! hahahaha

  3. ray says:

    thanx for sharing bos!

  4. fuck you says:

    why should we download it – if we could buy it thru the label or any distro available

  5. alak says:

    Mr Fuck You,

    The purpose of the free download is to give samples of what the band/CD may sound like to people who have no idea at all about the band, especially for those out of Malaysia.

    There’s like millions of bands spawning thru out the whole world, would you take a risk of buying a CD from a band that you don’t recognize and never ever knew how they would sound at all? Would it be easier for u to choose a record to buy, if you really dig the music of a band you just discovered?

    That is why the free mp3’s given are in the lowest quality with a stereo bit rate of 96 kbs actually and the mp3 set is not actually completed with all songs. It’s just to give an idea to people of how the CD would sound like.

    AND OF COURSE for those who are interested, they can get the CD which contains the BEST AUDIO QUALITY and COMPLETED TRACKS of the CD from labels and distros. That is the reason we leave our e-mail contact and recommend people to get the CD at The Ricecooker Shop for instance. That’s also the reason WHY the download is only available for 7 days.


    p/s : To those 1166 lazy sods who downloaded Pusher’s “Our beloved City Of The Dead” and 416 slackers who downloaded The Pip’s “Tug of War”; YOU ARE WELCOME!

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