Klangmutationen: Schwarzhagel CD – Out Now!


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. Joe says:

    Shit man! I love it! Plotkin’s mastering made it so HUGE! Intense! Way to go Yandsen, Ah Tham & gang!!!!!

  2. thee dr. says:

    James Plotkin is the man!!! Good going guys!!!

  3. itik says:

    waaa. malaysia boleh? 🙂

    found this on the norman records distro website

    “Also on Utech this week is Klangmutationen’s Schwarzhagel album. This lot have definitely got a sound that’s all their own, it sounds like they’re jamming with the strings on their instruments totally slackened off while playing the tuning keys as much as the fretboards to create a slippery, serpentine effect. Tool have used that idea on a couple of tracks in a much more immediately accessible way but this takes it several hundred steps further out there. The ‘Klang’ part of the name is totally fitting, that’s for sure. This is a tough one to glean a comparison from really, I don’t think it really sounds like anyone else but if I throw a generalized comparison to Tzadik stuff in here I don’t think anyone would complain. Intriguing and highly recommended for the more adventurous among you!”

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