Keep On Rockin’, Neil!


Joe hoards and shares.

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5 Responses

  1. syedsyahrul says:

    short Q & A with Henry Rollins of Rollins band / Black Flag! in


  2. thrasherliar says:

    Hey hey, my! my!
    Rock and roll can never die!!!
    There’s more to the picture
    Than meets the eye…

    ghock n gholl!!!!!!!!! yearghhh!!!

  3. thee dr. says:

    Dude…I hate Neil Young. I like some of his songs but he’s Canadian, has lived in the States for 40 years, criticizes the U.S. and it’s government constantly but…wait for it!… is still not a citizen…wussup with that? If he really cares about the goddamn country that much the least one could do is obtain citizenship…I know I would take Malaysian citizenship if it was offered to me hehe…so fuck Neil Young…sorry.

  4. watai says:

    hehehe….but he always young…..and maybe U.S government still not offer him to be an American…hehehe
    i’m not support any young or old singer from Canada or elswhere..hehehe
    jgn marah mat !!!

  5. thee dr. says:

    Hahaaaaaa takde marah Otai–tgk. stuff baru kitong atek–lebih ke arah Wiranya Sudah Tiada Lagi (His Hero Is Gone) ngan campuran Tuan (Master) serta Tidur (Sleep)…hehe…

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