Kah-Roe-Shi: ‘Shi’ CD Out Now!

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  1. dean says:


  2. xumb says:

    aku dah dengaq! mmg best lah! heavy and fast as shit!

  3. mosh says:

    one of the best band ever since..! looking foward for a split with ya’ll

  4. Pijan says:

    betul ke ni mohsin? hek hek…by the way, paling rare skg SMG/Sloth 7″ fuh! camourflage wax ltd. 200! ops, terpecah lobang plk!

  5. azrinmokhtar says:

    hi .nk tanye.cd krs 29hb ni ade di jual tak di gig crux?aku jarang ke cm.aku dah jatuh cinta la denga kah roe shi bile dengar lagu depa kat blog.cant wait anymore.sound kau orang terbaik.berat.if you dont mind,can share with me about tuning yg ko org gune,esp on sound guitar.tiong aku admire ko !!!!

  6. adi_johan says:

    nice package..its worth the spending..=)

  7. lori says:

    kalau leh send by post pun ok gak area klang jer….dia punya casing/kain tu dpt skali tak..cam kiut jer ahaks

  8. drawnquartered says:

    my 2nd fav local band after fall of their death.

  9. azrinmokhtar says:

    patut la power n best semacam kah-roe-shi nih.all line ups actually ade band lain yang power2 gak.salute!!!!

  10. kid says:

    Also available for only RM10 each at Studio Shop Space (jamming, listening/reading, diy/independent music & merch).

    Address: No.17, 1st Floor, Jalan 2A/27A, Section 1, Bandar Baru Wangsa Maju, 53300 Kuala Lumpur.
    Website: http://www.studioshopspace.com

    Most of the mentioned distro/label should be carrying our cds at local shows. If you cant find them, you can liase directly with the band (email/phone no given). We will try our best help you out.

  11. lori says:


    i hv emaild to you…shall wait for yr reply..thanks

  12. kid says:

    lori, you can liase with pak tua of third arm records to order our cd via postage. i already asked him to help out with mailorder/postage.

    hope you will get it soon. thanks again for your interest on our cd.
    we really appreciate it!

    oh yea. the cds (rm10 of course) also gonna be available at the crux’s show. together with some tshirts (a one time only – purple dyed on black tees, front and back @ rm20) and very small numbers of patches + buttons + stickers (rm4 @ all in one!).

  13. lori says:

    noted with so many thanks..hv left a msg in theirs site too..hoping for a reply soon..btw,me putting a promo for the cd too at http://www.jiwang.org/portal/modules/news/article.php?storyid=3378
    if anything to add just mail me

  14. kid says:

    azrinmokhtar and myo, yes the cds still available.

    you can get them at the crux’s jam session this sunday.

    or you still can buy them at the ricecooker shop, annexe central market or studio shop space, wangsa maju (they’re open almost 24 hours, as long there’re bands practising).

    or via post you also could order them from 13 local label/distro mentioned above.

    some latest news –

    for friends in johor you can get them from Revulsion Records:

    for friends overseas you can get them from Razorback Records:

    will keep you people updated.

  15. kid says:

    lori, thanks pal, we really appreciate it.
    feel free to promote it around.
    keep supporting your local DIY hardcore punk scene!

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