Johan Jaffar: The Dark Side of Pramoedya Ananta Toer


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. azizi kabut says:

    yeah….promoedya is my fav author…the power of writing!

  2. theswitters says:

    this is the lekra vs manikebu debate. well not a debate, the nst writer didn’t bother about putting into context the situation of indonesia in transition in the 50s. sure lekra was under the pki. but they were legal during sukarno era. just like the situation in malaya where cpm was once legal too; cpm wasnt always the nasty, evil political party our history books made it out to be. i’d take the “book burning” bit with a pinch of salt. we got our own “cpm the evil party” stories of our own too. there was an ‘art reflecting social realisme’ vs ‘art for art’s sake’ debate in indonesia then. even now. but the writer here seemed a little too eager to paint ‘pramoedya the commie’ picture in his piece. well you can just google the issue to find out. the last sentence was ridiculous though…would you ask somebody you imprisoned, torture etc to just forget about that history, “kosong-kosong ok brader?”

  3. Joe Kidd says:

    a letter from a friend in Berlin:

    btw, thanks for putting up johan jaafar’s piece – good to read he’s predictably skewed pram’s reputation again (you may have been at a dbp discussion a few years ago after the end of pram’s house arrest where all these dato2 lepas angin)

    … good too that your contributor in comments below fixed up the character assasination somewhat! shame the nst didn’t get someone like sumit mandal to write such an obit/review, who actually knows pram’s work in indonesia’s historical context and has written the intro to pram’s reissue of his history of the indonesian chinese (banned for decades under suharto…). but i guess sumit’s no angkasasterawanegara…?!

  4. mat yie kot? says:

    macam kenal je sapa yang hantar dari Berlin tu, bukan baru keluar buku ke?

  5. safriman says:

    one lesson i learnt…if you ever get too close with the ‘admisnistrators’, sooner or later you’d get fucked up. right or left

  6. adios says:

    Bung Pram is the best author ever .
    and my biggest mission before i die is to read all of his works.

    wish me luck

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