John Peel Day TODAY!


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. the doctor says:

    i think that yuou are also what could be called a hero too-i agree with the guy above-carburetor dung got a lot of people into punk-not just the music in general but you as person-i remember you gave me the mix tape featuring all kinds of kick-ass bands like battalion of saints,angry samoans,black flag,cryptic slaughter,die kreuzen,rites of spring and many more….another person who is a big influence on me was ku yie from master of music studios in kt-he dubbed copies of ‘fresh fruit for rotting vegetables’by the dks and ‘complete discography’ by minor threat-the face of even i daresay the kuantan scene in particular would have been very different if it wasn’t for folks like you and ku yie-everytime i try to describe you to my friends i can find nothing but’the jello biafra of malaysia’ so don’t sell yourself short-i can’t say you’re my hero in a hero-worship sense but i do look up to you and you still influence me to this day…

  2. dogpop says:

    maner nk cari peel’s sessions ? mp3 ker cd ker?

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