Joe Kidd: “Your band is not playing PUNK ROCK anymore, is it?”


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. zai kuning says:

    guys i like to continue with the last post and my cat is just a pussy need attenttion this morning. she always did that to me. she look alittle bit like situ nurhaliza but just that she have a tail eh haha. but lets not worrry i dont screw cat

    o.k to make myself clear ,,i love all sort of music.. for example i love che ahmad from kelantan who played rebab (solo) and i got his cd many years ago from a friend who is a close friend of the late piyadasa. his voice came from heaven lah.

    when im lonely i play his music…and i love mak yong of riau archipelago (very different form from kelantan mak yong) where i documented them but the film could not be completed for some reason. they are the last fisherman who played this form of theatre or opera and dieing.

    i am very much attracted with ‘people’ whose live connected deeply to the music they play. and i must say they are surrounded by beauty. though they do look damn poor//dam fucking poor i must say but the beauty im talking about can be translated as ‘resistance’ towards many other bloody mainstream commercialise idea of what they think culture or music should be….and yes yes the very idea of ‘originality’ itself. they were force to changed the form bcos its old and boring..they were told that they can perform for somekind of cultural event if they ‘change’ …but they are not happy bcos….they cant play ‘originals”….and the troupe think thats wrong because thats what they understood as mak yong. and that ‘originals’ is as old as 300 years old or more

    and let me tell you this… those frisherman are much more punk then many punckrocker i meet here in spore or K.L …yes honestly very honestly…. this fisherman dont know the words fuck off but they often did simply just that man. they can pack their bag and off they go…balek! they more punk you want?

    my riff here is that there is alot of people out there who have been doing what the punk should be doing and they dont even listen to punk music and if you ask them who is sex pistol? is it someone force their dig in a gun mouth?

    the very essence of punk is ‘resistence’ (ya im preeching fuck it if you dont dig it) i like to believe and for that reason che ahmad (if you know him) or Mak yong kelantan and Riau is damn fucking punk! they did not fight but they just dont want to change and thats revolution to me. they did not fight at all. they know what they are and …they are punk!

    do we punk ( for those who claim like they are some sort fo fucking airhole know what it mean to be a punk with their fuckng stinky jacket ot torn shabby jeans and tshirt?) know what it mean to be a punk? i am alway wondering like my very pussycat ya

    and so i love all kind of music especially ritualistic music (i wont elaborate) because it puncked the fuck out of any airhole. it does not give any fuck what any one of us think what they are. they are “IT” thats punk to me.

    for that reason i think the esssence of ‘orignality’ and ‘personality’ (if its important at all) begin with resistance.

    what guitar what chord what groove what what ever is all just ‘technical’ thing to me

  2. search-favorites says:

    no cry no punk

    punk…awal mula biru
    punk…u dan me ‘one’..
    punk…pelukmu seyakin ibu
    punk…katamu impian beribu
    …kini punk..mane jalan?
    …kini punk..jalan mane?
    …mane punk?..mane ibu?..
    …x minum dulu? yea punk dulu la..jalan mane?

  3. wan hazril says:

    This one is very good discussion.
    And for me punk rock and hardcore whatever u called it is, was the culture that im belong to.
    And for me punk rock fill with thousand of different people with different identity, personalities, ability and speciality. Its a like a whole lot of puzzle. And this puzzle if been combine together can create one whole big picture. And thats should be a good picture.

    Those ability of whatever, be it photography, gig organizer, art goers, writer (blog, zine, etc), author, band mate, zine makers, friends, bla bla if combine together can create a one whole picture, and for me thats the best part of punk rock.

    And the term of finding identity of the sound of the band or the style of the bands for me, is less important rather than finding one whole harmonic culture, PUNK ROCK, culture of one person finding their own identity and ability. Because punk rock it self is about people finding their own ability, doing the things they really like and at least being free from restriction. Its about making the things impossible, possible at last.

    And I know its very important to see something new, something out of our daily norm, but that will occur sometimes, in certain places, in certain times. its based own personal experience to emphasize what is down-to-earth, personal experience.

  4. zai kuning says:

    hahha radzil you funny guy but please dont start.. mean joekidd masa budak budak can be a book or film but dont let him startlah. let him talk bout punk better for this post hehe joe for me and my girl we always think about that guy who got rantai besi kat kai dia jalan depan police staton hahah thats fuckng awesome visually

  5. Joe Kidd says:

    To those who long for something a bit fresh, please come together and push for it.

    • Support the bands/acts/creative-entities that are trying out fresh angles.

    Give them your effort, space and time. If you’re a gig promoter, always add in these bands, or at least mix-up bands/acts from different genres, and throw in other things (from poetry to multimedia stuff).

    If you’re a distro or a label, do give priorities to new bands that are trying out new stuff, or release and carry bands who are pushing the boundaries.

    • Be critical.

    If you are doing reviews, whether telling your friends about some bands or writing about them on your zines/blogs; always highlight the “new-ness” factor or the lack of it. Emphasise on the need to get away from the rut of being copycats.

    • Get out from your comfort zones! Challenge your very own tastes and promote the experience to your friends/readers..

    Open up your experience to different things; sounds, styles, genres, etc. Listen to everything, and then apply characteristics which you like in your own work. Take pride in making up new stuff and reject plagiarism.


    Do all or some of the above, and I bet you, we’ll have a truly vibrant scene that moves forward instead of being static. Fuck trends. Make your own way. Carve your own path.

    That is if you feel that the scene needs to reinvigorate itself. If you think everything is alright as it is, by all means, go ahead and do yr thang. But at the very least, don’t get in the way of progression. Smash the walls and let it grow.

    Tepuk dada, tanya selera.

  6. radzi sinclair says:

    cool….punk rock eh?nirvana la punk rock….hehe….
    joe….citer la kehidupan kau outside this punk rock world…
    masa kecik2 kau suka main apa, masa sekolah kat mana,buat apa,pengalaman bercinta,hari raya buat apa ngan family kau…family kau camana ngan kau skang…and where are you years from now….really appreciate it..for the sake of different la kan…no kidding

  7. Joe Kidd says:

    tempting… but lemme put it on bit by bit lah

    BTW; ZAI! Abg Guard is supposed to play this Friday nite. yeah. A bit late but if you can come, stay at my house lah. we jam there also.

  8. zai kuning says:

    alamak joe kau ni kenapa lambat kasi berita hari hari email tapi baru hari in kasi tahu. o.k aku check kalau boleh aku pancut ke sana jumaat tapi kurang pasti. gitar karen ke gitar tong jpe hehe

  9. Joe Kidd says:

    gitar tong la boss but with pick-up kalu boleh.

  10. zarxcky says:

    “Too many local bands are too lazy to find their own voices.”

    I agreed with this one. Totally. Been involved in and out for fun in underground scene voluntarily (while the rebel mode turned on) but not as active as you are Joe, until I left the scene few years ago while in oversea, and this is still happening to local underground scene. Everybody sound like anybody else. That is boring. Even I gantung my guitar now cos all the band mate get married and continue with their life and soon I will be following their path (The itch to play and to bang is still in mind though).

    Anyway. This is first time I come in here Joe. I’ve been following local underground scene since the 90’s man. Your column “Blasting Concept” is the only reason I bought The Star every Wednesday after coming back home from school years ago. That sing-a-long song “Boo Hoo Clapping Song” still my favorite man (sign of rebel heart of a man) and for me, that is your band signature mate. Kudos to you and other members of local underground scene.


  11. Joe Kidd says:

    thank you for the kind words.

    on the “gantung my guitar now” bit, i’ve seen many older friends of mine who are now back on the path, playing again as soon as the various family units they’ve established stabilised.

    Our drummer Bullet has 6 kids, and now he’s back on banging the kit!

    Hopefully that would be true to you and many out there.


  12. eddie says:

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  13. lori says:

    free bump!..joe kalau ko mati sok leh tak waris kan gitar ko tu kat aku :p….dulu kecik2 aku berangan gak nak curik gitar kid search pastu nak tayang kat bapak aku haha jgn mare…

  14. captfeez says:

    lastly, aku jumpa juga dgn blog MR JOE KIDD ni..nama yg ada org suka,ada org yg tak byk org yg suka dan selalu sebut laa…coz nama tu antara pioneer penggerak scene tanahair..memang menarik dan banyak perkara, ilmu untuk dikongsi…but why papa said “Joe Kidd is not a punk rocker, he just a trendy wxxker”? hanya joe yg boleh jawab…

    Anyway,syabas joe and the rest of the ricecooker crew.

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