It’s All For Profit Not People


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. SyedTan says:

    For a country that has been self adminstering for less than 50 years, I think we’ve come pretty far and headed on a reasonable track. The aggressive social engineering and creation of a sizable middle class (when compared to most countries in this SEA with similar backgrounds) will catalize (not immediately create) a situation where social policy will not be geared to pump up the economy.

    E.g., already people are starting to realize:

    a) Public schools are sub par.
    b) The nice holiday spots in the hills and seasides are being razed for development.
    c) Air should be colorless, odorless and shouldn’t be chewable.

    So, all you kids (there must be several thousand) that come to the shows, please consider doing the following:

    a) Go to college. Most of you can either afford to or will get scholarships if you’re smart enough. If for some reason, you’re the next Nobel prize winner, you have no money and by some strange quirk of fate can’t get a scholarship because you’re the wrong race and none of the component parties that represent your particular race will hand you a buck. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, get a part time job and go to college part time.

    b) Graduate, get a frikking job. Earn some decent money. With that money:

    c) Work, travel, learn and most importantly understand. Learn to communicate properly in English, Malay and optional language of your choice, so’s people can understand what the fuck you’re saying.

    d) Once you’re smart enough, climb your corp ladder, set up your own business – employ people, enter politics. Which ever frikkin organization or party floats your boat.

    e) Wear a frikkin suit and work your way up until you can set policy to address whatever you want.

    You can take off your suit at the end of the day and come to Paul’s and be a punk ass mother fucker in the evenings and weekends. (Try not get accused of fucking anyone in the ass, getting bitch slapped then and incarcerated if you’re doing the politics thing)

    f) Try not to bitch too much while you’re doing (a)-(f). It won’t be easy.

    While having a necessary role in the scheme of things, there’s only so much you can do as a pure activist.

    This is analogous to computer hacking. If you wanted to hack, say a Unix system, you’d learn the basics, develop tools, work within the protocols, use the right syntax. Then when you’re good and ready, unleash your good (or evil) on the system.

    Syed Tan.

  2. thanks syed. the choice is there. has always been there. easily seen from afar but as usual, instantly dismissed by some as it involves so much more than sloganeering, while the rest just can’t see themselves mingling and kow-towing with the “enemy”; preferring to keep on keeping on; without giving any concessions even though the goings looking pretty bleak and unfanthomable.

    One would then ask his or her self whether he or she will sleep so soundly ever again especially after shaking so many spineless swines’ sweaty palms, dancing to their tunes and licking their lard-caked butts; inching towards that ladder, hoping for a time where a certain standing awaits from whence some good (or bad) will be able to be unleashed, as you suggested.

    And one will always wonder if the journey will be caring and kind enough for the original agenda to be carried forth with much conviction and for it to be intact; not eroded, de-fanged and subverted into some form of “adult” in-joke; dismissing it all swiftly as “oh, that was my folly of youth! my phase of idealistic zeal! my juvenile years of ridiculous angst! all i needed was to get laid! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

    that said, the road is waiting and to those who wanna take it, i salute thee!

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