Is There Gonna Be Fun on Anjung Bising?


Joe hoards and shares.

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3 Responses

  1. Fizan says:

    It’s like the most coolest place to hang out during the new year eve celebration party! (where am i last year? ehehe..) but now it’s all are gone. There’s no more rock n roll dance, there’s no more handsome guys and nice looking girls picking up each other (you don’t believe me eh? there’s 1 or 2 couple have been meet-up right here!), there’s no more spaces for us to do those important meeting about saving the planet than sliding from their orbit etc
    I think it was designated to end down like this.

    The only last hope is The Ricecooker Shop, so you guys and girls please buy some stuff to keep us survive! It doesn’t matter if you just get a one-inch buttons or those very cheap photocopy fanzine. All stuff are imported, original, very exclusively releases and takes 7 ships to load into this country man. The shop really needs you!! No joked!


  2. CONGATHREAT says:

    EPPI NOO EAR RICECOOKER! I wish for all the irie things to come on your way and have a blardy/blasting/smokin/phreakin good one lah!! much love xoxoxo

  3. uzair says:

    aiyo. i’m going to miss the mi kari, and the nasi lemak. and the air berkat. ricecooker letak la fridge jual air berkat.

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