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Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. alind says:

    i guess at this moment, it’ll be much better if the anarchos can start turning too black metal replacing circle A to pentagram or sumthing that looks evil. or maybe start considering to form a black metal band today. .. i mean seriously, when is the ‘right’ time to bring back the punk rock 70’s shock value. then now..
    err.. but now i’m wearing a brownish plain shirt tho’

  2. One of the reports mentioned “dark attire”, so brown is in lah! Yes, I do find it tempting to turn Black Metal these days, it’s punker than punk rock at the moment, it seems to upset everybody that’s needs a bit of serious bollocking! I’m sure many punks are quite jealous at all the attention given. Problem is I can’t be bothered to get into tight black jeans, endangering my flesh with paku-panjang and paint me face whiter than a corpse. Besides, I’ve just cut off me hair. A black-metaller with a neo-afro is not “TRUE” lah.

    I waiting for somebody to perform Black Metal on an acoustic guitar at the coming Unclogged. Ada berani?

  3. the doctor says:

    i read with intense interest and dismay about fatwa(s)proclaiming that black metal was ‘haram’-this is a very disturbing development because it has no basis in religion whatsoever-where are the dalils regarding this matter?this is what i call ‘fuzzy shariah’-totally without basis,government-sponsored religous edicts fomented by a secular nationalist ruling party that will ban a form of art(or what it perceives as a threat),but will allow the opening of nightclubs,bars,etc.-is what goes on in these places not haram?but i guess black metal isn’t as profitable to the government as selling liqour licences…this is total moral hypocrisy-but the saddest thing about it is that the cattle who pass for umno supporters will speak up for the government on this matter-your freedom of expression is totally being dismatled before your very eyes-these rights weren’t ‘given’ to you by anyone -you were born with them so why not fight to take back what is yours by birth?when your human and civil rights are challenged,even though we live thousands of miles away,my human and civil rights are also challeneged-which is unacceptable-i think interesting times are upon us and this isn’t the last you’ve heard…

  4. mohd JAYzuan says:

    Cun apa kalau Mass Separation ada kaler-kaler.

  5. kalium says:

    “I waiting for somebody to perform Black Metal on an acoustic guitar at the coming Unclogged. Ada berani?”

    Panda Head Curry did an acoustic Black Metal tune at the last Doppelganger.

  6. mohd JAYzuan says:

    Go Rafil!!

  7. syukree says:

    jom pakai baru hitam ada tulisan ” saya black metal dan saya bukan islam hadhari!”

  8. Kia says:

    Kenape Mass Separation plak ni Joe? Hehehe..

  9. ch3d33n says:

    apa yg the doctor cakap tu byk yg betulnya.. kenapa JAKIM xnak haramkan hiphop? xpun haramkan pub je terus? takut ekonomi x terjana? kalau scene ni boleh memberikan wang kpd mereka2, aku yakin kes black metal xkan wujud.. ini semua politik.. mmm nasib badan…

  10. ihsahn says:

    The Ulamaks had been feed by the false info… The Media just know what they’r aiming for, The MONEY…………….!!!! They just wanna to claim their tubloid is the No.1……..! The best….! Maybe we may said, “The Best of The Beast…….!!!”. What did hapen to our ground here right now? They had manupulating the ulamaks. Theres no different between them an the Sosialism in Nepoleon Bonneparte erra……. Hmm……. What the F**k is that happen to the Abdullah Badawi erra now…..???!!!!

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