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  1. kunin says:

    the ideal is there, yes, i agree very much, Hisham. But there are more freedom or leeway now, as compared to earlier days. Maybe they just want to curry favors ( in terms of votes) among the so called youths, to gain support, confidence, whatever.

    Masa Mahathir-fuck-Anuar time, student tak boleh ngundi, sekarang sudah boleh. Sekarang ada bloggers mapan dijemput buat liputan di Global Peace Conference oleh Mahathir (or maybe the latter just want to gain support among this freedom-believers, or maybe to add a Noble Peace Prize pulak among his honorary awards yang dah berjela-jela, now that he’s looked up by freedom torch bearer like Mack Zulkifli and Jeff Ooi. (Joe, Mahathir ada invite ko tak?)

    Dulu kalau sebut pasal AUKU dah ada orang jeling-jeling, sekarang menteri pun macam beriya nak revise balik.

    OK, we already have this imposing, colossal media conglomerate of incomprehensible proportions, powerful enough to take over gawd’s job to look after this country. It is so powerful that the whole country would start to worry if they reports that Abdullah Badawi is experiencing a serious constipation problem, and the market index would be affected to because investors are worried about badawi’s anal problem.

    u may have seen it been practiced, look how the parrot and gagaks of Media Prima or whichever mainstream media kat Malaysia ni cakap black metal puja tuhan makan darah kentut semua, and everybody would believe it. but really, Media Prima is just a jambu boy to News Corp, owned by Rupert Murdoch. Thats how it goes la. Everything we know about the world is determined by this guy, who recently bought MySpace, u know, that internet based, people to people interface, sharing music, add me add u and stuff. It couldnt hurt for u guys to read the EULA (end user license agreement, where you must click “i agree” before you can use the service) of MySpace once in a while, from time to time, see if your stuff in there are not owned by that guy already.

    It is one solid piece of shiny glazed marble of the highest quality, the ‘media’. It only needs a little tiny chip, to make a major crack in there. So, it is wise to learn the ways of the ‘adversary’, find the soft spot and start cracking. But most of the time its hard luck, so we just turn the other way, make our own fragile, brittle mouthpiece, and start preaching to the wrong crowd… dang, havent i already?

    “If you got them by the balls, their minds will follow.” Dont let Hisham get your balls ya? Hehehe, sori, gurau je.

  2. zaxxtypeface says:

    Media: Misbehave Educational Doctrine In Action!

  3. kunin says:

    no, hang on. i would like to eat my own words up there. please pass me the ketchup

  4. tumpanglalu says:

    surat terbuka kepada Harian Metro oleh Irman cukup bagus pengisiannya. apa pendapat kengkawan suma?

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