Herbal Records: Eric Cordier & Afflux CDs


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. Panda Head Curry says:

    “Afflux is an ongoing collaboration of French electroacoustic sound technicians who have habitually tackled large scale installations and convoluted recording situations,”

    These people need to get laid.

  2. Yin Pin says:

    More Eric Cordier forthcoming from Xing-Wu.
    This time with Emmanuel Mieville who visited KL recently.


    He also has a 2xLP coming out on Locust Records
    under the guise of Enkidu — a psychedelic noise rock folk improv
    trio with Chie Mukai and Seichi Yamamoto (of Boredoms fame).


  3. azzief says:

    I prefer my things a bit more noisy, but that excerpt from Bordeaux TNT sounds mighty fine. Might swing over to the Ricecooker soon and grab myself a copy.

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