Healing Cancer Zine: Issue #3, Free Download & Sampler


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. Joe Kidd says:

    guys! if you stumble upon free, downloadable zines on the net, do tell me. We need more zines, no matter whether it’s local or not.

    speaking of local zines, ada tak yang boleh di-muatturun? and if you’re one of the editors, boleh letak your zines on-line as PDF format tak? Yang lama-lama pun tak apa boss!



  2. shahrizal says:

    dunno whether semua orang tau ke tak, but this website got archive of old MRR, FLIPSIDE, HEARTATTACK and some others too and available for download, in pdf format. sila check kat sini:


  3. fariq says:

    yeah betul tu shah!

  4. Nox says:


    Download for current issue and back issues are available!

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