Hardcore Kick Cup 2007! Calling for Participants!


Joe hoards and shares.

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12 Responses

  1. xahmadsafuanx says:

    it’s fukking fun…

  2. Despair.hc says:

    dah tahu dah siapa menang … last part 1 & part 2 muka sama ajer … tahu nie ada braney kasi team lain menang … hehe …

  3. civil_disorder_dude!!!!!! says:

    HAHAHAHAHA YES!!!….. JOE jadi Keeper Hahaha :P, Rizie main left wing XP

  4. Pika says:

    Sounds like lots of fun! nak kene carik grrl teamates nih!

  5. fREEBOOM! says:

    huhuhuhu….mcm mana nak join ne

  6. anak warna says:

    ok.jumpa di pedang nanti.

  7. hafiz says:

    Mcm menarik.. aku bole bagi servis tangkap gambo, as in other words, jadik sponsor gambo la, but soft copy only. then I burn the picture in CDs than give it to the organizer. If I can shoot pictures, is KadakPhoto.Com will be put in flyer as Official Photographer?

    just asking, cheers mate!

  8. Rebecca says:

    Can we do a performance? We are squad of cheerleading from a school….Hope we can perform…

  9. alind says:

    to despair hc: where got simply2 kasi one. the winner for 2005 was godskitchen from subang and last year was the team from klang, ismet ulam raja (them both didn’t know each other and almost totally not connected whatsoever). maybe it’s not hard to guess this year’s winner, but i’m sure the rest of the teams participate will try as hard as any other team in this world would. but i guess we would like to see it in the way that everyone would benefit from this@everyone wins.

    to pika: 2005 we had mixed team boys and girls, we planned to have a separate girls tournament in 2006 but lotsa girl teams pulled out last minute, so it never had happen. this year we hope to have at least an opening match for girls. sure you are always welcome to join in.. just contact Aud okay.

    to hafiz: we would love to have you around taking photos.

    to rebecca: awesome!!! you are so welcome…

    to shahrizal: hey, what u laughing about lah?

    the rest of the details pls refer to mirdza or audrey, i’m no more the organiser for this year…i just sibuk2 here only 🙂

  10. ujeng says:

    woitt team aku x cukup sorang, saper nk join msg kapten pasukan en. mirza (tevez)….aha

    …we r optimist to win the cup for this year tourney >>alex fergujeng

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