Hanturaya Putrajaya Mengamuk Lagi!


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. thilaga says:

    we know these arrests is a major sign of crackdown.
    so what do we do? how do we show dissent?
    thanks to fahmi, who has popularized the term, it could one way for us to show
    not that i am a believer in 916 or 2012 but it would be a great if we can all show solidarity and stay kat rumah. tak keluar. bussiness tutup for that day. someone even called it ponteng. yeah, lets ponteng!

    p/s: ricecooker kena tutup as well la.

  2. thilaga says:

    alamak, tersend!
    havent finished yet.
    hartal would be one way for us to show dissent.
    actually, the idea is goin around. pleack check out harris ibrahim’s blog to find out more.
    so what say all you people?

  3. Ohh…. no wonder raja petra didn’t came for the book launch of 8 march at times bookstore that time… hmmm…… this is interesting, we’ll not sure if that could effect much thilaga, you could stop and make the business in the country go down for a while but i don’t think it would still stop them from arresting all of us and send us to the ISA, we could try but not sure how many damage we could do. Wait there is another way though…. but a bit sucidal… hmm…..

  4. Fizan says:

    This what makes me really sick on defining human being by their skin colour /selfish belief &disbelief /others selfish thread, what do i mean is yeah..religion and race identity, to feminist warrior here, I’m sorry I haven’t finish studying on it since more than last 10 years ago..I’m more interested in space exploration/ astronomy kind of reading..so I haven’t make-up my final mind on the gender issue, ok back to the hot topic, and at the end you must constantly obey da fukin bastards will ya? Who do they think they’re? Do you know the bastard I meant?
    Do they owe us a living? Of course they do! Of course they do!
    Crass or The Clash? hahaha..everybody love sense of humor doesn’t it? Please choose one or two or three…
    Raja Petra is quite ok to me in term of his writing, in-depth, thoughtful, and very open. I can say now I like his writing in the Malaysia Today eventhough not as talented as my favourite MRR’s columnist. I think people in the scene who refuse /ignore to read a column in MRR is very lame. Thank you.
    Later on..

  5. thilaga says:

    hahaha… that’s true.
    but i m just glad that people are talking about it, you know and gettin pissed at these people for pulling off such crap to handle the crackdown.
    anyways, there is a petition, do not know if you people know. but they are plannin to get 1 million signatures or something. kira nak tunjuk dissent la but dengan petition. petition pun petition la. show support, solidarity, and dissent.


  6. Nox says:

    I guess the least we can do is keep on talking about this, as to raise awareness. It is depressing to see such blatant injustice in front of your eyes and yet powerless to do anything.

  7. thilaga says:

    no, we are not powerless.
    we just dont have the mass. 🙂
    which is kinda sad. thats why i agree with you that we shud start talkin about it. here, in blogs, and have non-virtual discussion as well.
    so that when we have actions, theres mass.


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