Fridays; 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th April 2009: Theoretical Chaos @ SSS


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. dean says:


    some notes:

    * Theoretical Chaos is a song title of Sonic Youth
    ** Wot’s…Uh the Deal? is a song title of Pink Floyd
    *** Too bad…none of the band above plays like ’em ;p
    **** Bring mo’ cash! Lots of stuff are on sale. Studio Shop Space carries lots of imported and local CDs, vinyls, Maximum Rock n Roll, Innerview zine etc etc…
    *****Promote this at will!


  2. asa takkan mati says:

    but.. we can always get crimescene to cover pink floyd “another brick in the wall”!!

  3. dean says:


    saya sokong 😀

  4. apit says:

    kalau nak cover pink floyd..cover interstellar overdrive..

  5. PORN says:

    I heard ppl say KOTM is a homophobic sympathy bands,is it true? they say KOTM play with HUJAN.

    KOTM also claim that : HUJAN is not a hardcore/punk band,so nevermind play with them,they dont know what homophobic is.-wtf?

    A previous show before, KOTM play in Noisy Studio along with HC/PUNK bands..can anybody tell me what is goin’ on?,did i miss something?

  6. hatta says:


    here’s KOTM myspace url

    why don’t you ask about it yourself… the whole he said, she said thing is pretty lame. i thought hardcore punk is about communication and shit.

  7. alak says:

    I totally agree with hatta, it is really lame..

  8. Nox says:

    Aku boikot mak bapak aku dan orang kampung aku, no, in fact, aku boikot semua orang pasai depa mungkin homophobic

  9. dean says:

    agreed. with hatta and alak. i second yr concern.

    hell, i thought hc/punk is about communication too.

    yeah, at times it’s good to bring it up to the forum and all. to be discussed. to learn and grow from that. to agree to disagree. but what the fuck man, YOU HEARD PEOPLE say this and that, BUT why don’t you throw it on their face, ASK THEM YOURSELF if there are things bugging you. if you ARE REALLY HONESTLY CONCERN you could just do that.

    porn my dear friend, people DO ACTUALLY HAVE DIFFERENT opinions and agendas. and are you. are you missing something? too bad… I guess you do =(

  10. xsoberthanstr8edgex says:


    ethic is a way of life perhaps?!
    but the most important thing is your ATTITUDE!!!
    xkesah la ko anti homophobic ke, homophobic ke, rasis ke..
    tp klu pn ko seorg yg beretika dan berkepercayaan yang bagus (konon),
    tapi attitude dan apa yang kau faham itu xpernah kau praktik kan..
    ia adalah TOTAL NONSENSE!
    oh ye, saya message board heroes no ke berapa tah….

    – xsoberthanstraightedgex –

  11. tiong says:

    selamat hari jadi sss.semoga success dan happening selalu.sorri byk2 tak dpt join esok kerana balik kampung halaman.tott ttp akn mengerindkan diri.enjoy dan berhati2 ketika sehati berdansa rakan2!!

  12. asa takkan mati says:

    come on guys, this is very wrong. just pull it off and we should start a new life, more interesting topics to talk ahead.

    this homophobic issue has been troubling us seems long time ago.

    ok-lah. if you think that they are wrong, please try spits some advise on them first. do talk to them. let them have the clear pictures of homophobic errors and stupidity.

    who knows, all this while they’re happen not to know these kind of thing. so, instead of cruelly punishing those homopobics, we may educate them. i believe most of we, malaysians think that discriminations on homo is just a normal/simple/usual thing for every “so called” real boys and girls.

    we been screwed by this shit since we were kids. all of muslim countries are facing the same thing, correct me if i’m wrong.

    let’s work together. homophobics shall not exist. slowly we handle it with care. not with vulgar.

  13. asa takkan mati says:

    tools of the trade, will still be playing right?

    to tiong : have a safe kluang’s trip. do take care. don’t drink and drive.

  14. tiong says:

    yupe..sure we will still playing.

    to asa takkan mati : drink.but eat a lot of coz.’asa’ tu ape?asam jawa?asam garam?

  15. muhd amirull says:

    heard rumors je bakpe
    go ask the band yourself

    i dont need rumors,gossip,amboi3x anymore
    let makes things clearer
    set no more barriers and at same time do communicate,talk,talk and talk with anyone when there are any raised issues

    talk is cheap!

  16. muhd amirull says:

    btw,ILS sape yeh jd vox?
    just curious


  17. PORN says:

    Opsss…sorry juz asking…bcoz ppl also keep asking me about the same thing..i am not labelling KOTM or whatsoever.I also not asking you guys to punish them,to rejects or to boycott.I tot we can share something..anyhow thanks for the advise.

    Because this topic is boring i would like to ask another things,

    I heard (again..) Marjinal is coming malaysia,can i know who’s handling the show?

  18. Joe says:

    porn, i think you did alright. most of us can get quite complacent and blase about things, so we need to speak up and say our minds when we feel something is not right. and at the same time you must allow people to disagree. that’s how it is.

    It’s good to know what’s on your mind, so thanks for sharing. however, basing our “judgement” on hearsay and tenuous associations/links is quite “poyo”.

    as for marjinal, well, i heard the same but no confirmation. the new 3xtape album is still coming though. last i heard the band is still working on some final touches.

  19. xnizangx says:

    boycott is always the right way man!!
    it solves all problems!

    “boikot, boikot…budaya yang merugikan” -marjinal

  20. xnizangx says:

    silap pulak lirik haha

    BOIKOT by Marjinal

    Gilanya tradisi yang ada didunia ini
    Siapa yang kuat dialah yang berkuasa
    Berlomba-lomba tuk mengincar-incari mangsa
    Jika manusia tak kenal lagi manusia

    Jilat-menjilat itu mah sudah biasa
    Tikam sana tikam sini dan siap memangsa
    He……hei terasu
    Yang menjadi srigala tuk manusia yang lainnya
    Manusia semakin gila

    Yang kuat menguasai yang lemah dikorupsi
    Yang kaya semakin kaya yang miskin semakin miskin
    Yang pintar membodohi yang bodoh dibudayakan (2x)

    Boikot boikot budaya yang memiskinkan
    Boikot boikot budaya yang merusak
    Boikot boikot budaya yang memiskinkan
    Boikot boikot budaya yang merusak

    He…………hei terasu
    Saling menghisap jilat-menjilat saling injak-menginjak
    Rampas-merampas tak pernah puas jadi semakin buas (2x)

    Manusia semakin tak isi

  21. dean says:

    3rd april show went well. here’s a brief report.

    1. gig started at around 10:20pm and ended at 11.50pm.
    2. first band was inquiry last scenery. the vocal has left to further his study in the UK and the bassist took the job and delivered it pretty well. they had grow a lot since they first started. very good indeed. am looking forward for more shows and releases from them.
    3. next was dead disco dancer. they did a cover of converge. a pretty young band with wealth of talent. neat.
    4. the last band for the night was tools of the trade. even with only one (1) guitar, they are still heavy. has always been a great grind core act.
    5. we collected rm95 at the door. which mean 19 kids paid to get in. thank you.
    6. we managed to give (i use give, not pay) each band rm15. thanks to the bands for yr understanding.
    7. see ya all this friday!


  22. Joe says:

    Thanks Dean! Good to know what’s up at SSS, never been there myself. Must find time.

  23. xnizangx says:

    SSS-certainly a must visit! Coolest place!

  24. dean says:

    kids on the move can’t make it tonight. some of their line-ups got to work.

    it’s ok though, we’ll have building of the heartbreaker pyramid to replace ’em!

    building of the heartbreaker pyramid is another young and talented band whose music could be compared to circle takes the square and the likes.

    they are quite active in putting up releases too. labels as far as from germany, mexico, and the UK, as well as from the OZ do put out their releases in some forms.

    find out more here:

  25. dean says:


    we are looking for bands to be slotted for the upcoming months shows.

    please get in touch!

  26. mosh says:

    fall to their death wud like to play…………

  27. dean says:

    ok mosh, nnti committee akan consider ;p

  28. dean says:

    well, the 10th Apr gig just wrapped-up. poor attendees this week. only about 7-8 people paid. some donated rupiah too.

    this time, we only managed to pay for studio rental. we are deeply grateful for the bands for their understanding. thanks a lot for being so damn cool!

    hope to see everyone next week as we bid farewell and wishes best of luck to friends from sunway bear brigade as they are leaving to sabah.


  29. cactusdistro says:

    thanks dean,

    Untuk show farewell 17.4, ada beberapa stuff akan dijual.
    – crimescene t shirt
    – crimescene demo tape
    – sarjan hassan new t shirt.
    – Sabah touring t shirt
    – and a 3 way split CD-R with sarjan hassan, crimescene and soophie sweet fuck.

    Thanks for the support

  30. haq says:

    sunway beer bear brigade!

  31. mosh says:

    thanks dean
    anything inform us.

    i can help with the studio rental expenses on our set.

  32. dean says:

    that’s awesome mosh!

    anyway, this just in. zairi (soophie sweet fukk) involved in an accident few days back and is still recovering thus he can’t really play guitar for the time being (hope he’ll will be OK before going off to Sabah!). SSF have to cancel tomorrow’s gig.

    however… we’ve got them replacement. My Head Corrupt (MyHC) is going to play tomorrow’s night. Hurm.. Watch them twice. I would say they are some kind of a rojak-core band. But very fun to watch indeed! =)

  33. MYHC says:

    To dean, and fellow friends,

    Kami minta maaf kerana juga,tidak dapat bersama bermain pada set 17/4.

    Atas kerana drummer kami,secara mengejutnya dijemput untuk terlibat bersama drum clinic di ASK /ASWARA.
    Juga kerana pemain gitar kami terpaksa pulang ke kampung kerana ada urusan keluarga.
    Maaf kerana pemberitahuan yang lewat kerana apa yg berlaku adalah secara mengejut.

    Maaf sekali lagi atas kesulitan.

  34. dean says:

    dear myhc,

    it’s all cool! no biggie. kesumat took the place. they did quite well though there were only 3 of them last night.

    anyway, last night the no. of crowd was quite expected. 19 people paid to get in. after deducting studio rental, we managed to give 50rm to the bands.

    i’m still not 100% recovered, still have flu and i cough like hell. and was lazy to get into the packed studio so i can’t really comment on the bands performance. still, everyone have fun, i’d like to believe =)

    next week we have always last (punk rawk!), infinite delay (tech grind) and quantis (epic screamo). all are welcomed. till then.

  35. shahrizal says:

    we are very-very sorry to inform that ALWAYS LAST will not be able to make it for tomorrow’s show. this is because tobek was injured during the bad omen show. it’s got something had to do with his back. me and napi (the korok) brought him to the hospital to do x-ray and luckily nothing bad happened, but still haven’t recovered. we’re very sorry duan and friends but i still will be going to the show! see you there!

  36. dean says:

    it’s ok shah. hope tobek will get well soon. we’ll update the replacement soonest. if anyone is interested to play, please contact either duan or myself. if duan are yet to find the replacement, then maybe it’s your luck to play in a sweaty room with potential no-pays. thank you.

  37. dean says:

    this just in. tomorrow’s gig is on!

    FORTE will replace always last. Forte is a new band made up of Virginia On Duty line-ups and friends. I suppose they play screamo, but I don’t know for sure. Come and see for yourself!

    SHALLOW DANCE am going to replace infinite delay. the line-up got sick and being a student sucks (especially during exam/thesis submission period!). An equal replacement I must say. SD is surely and underrated technical grind monster!

    QUANTIS is a new band made up of line-ups of Utarid, Kias Fansuri, and Merkuri. FIRST SHOW EVER! Based on what I’ve heard during their practise, damn, this is some good stuff, somewhere between Reversal of Man and Louise Cyphre.

  38. dean says:

    pheww….the gig ended just now. today we collected rm62 with like 13-14 friends paid to get in. each band got 5rm, boleh lah beli drinks after gig =)

    next month flyer will be up real soon. watch out for performances from milvains (italy), fanzui xiangfa (china), foliage (brunei, nah..tipu!), deng deng (wow!), and many more!!!

    thank you and much love.

  39. I know its a little to late to post a reply, but wtf anyway?
    Thanks guys (SSS) for the invitation. That was our second jamming-session in SSS after 97-Shiki farewell party and we hope to play more in SSS in the near future.
    Dont hesitate to invite us again guys! We dont mind playing gigs for free, we dont mind to share beers with anybody, just ask.. 😉

    SSS Rules!

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