Friday, 5th to Sunday, 7th September 2008: Freedom Film Fest @ The Annexe


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. thee dr. says:

    Nice…anyone know the girl in the poster :P?….and what’s this?

    Our new EP ‘Fall of America’ is out now anybody interested in serious distroing get in touch:



  2. Joe says:

    Mat, you don’t need to bomb this announcement on every single comment space in ricecooker boss. just send me a flyer of the impending release and i’ll put it up here, with links and all. that’s what every one does.



  3. lori says:

    hehe spam!
    terkadang sengal sekali sekala..
    oh aku suka hidup ini..

    skali syair da….

  4. lori says:

    whatever freedom we have..itu ini freedom..

    Pak Samad, 84, was laid to rest at the Bukit Kiara Muslim cemetery after Friday prayers at 3.05pm, surrounded by loved ones including his wife Puan Sri Habibah Hamid, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

    Tan Sri Abdul Samad Ismail (b. 24 April 1925, Singapore – ) a journalist, political activist, and creative writer, known for promoting Malay nationalism. He was a founding member of the Gerakan Angkatan Muda (Geram) and of the PAP (People’s Action Party). He was Chairman of the Malaysian Press Institute and was also a founding member of the National Association of Writers (PENA). For his accomplishments in the literary and journalistic field, he was awarded the title, Pejuang Sastera, meaning “literature champion” by the Malaysian Government.

    al-fatihah buat pejuang media ini….

  5. thee dr. says:

    Um…sorry about that…I don’t have a flyer per se but I can send you an electronic copy of the cover. But speaking of future rekleases…:

    i): Our EP ‘Fall of America’ official release date is Sep. 9th
    ii): I am re-releasing our debut EP ‘Death to the Fascist Insect that Preys Upon the Blood of the People’.
    iii): Our split with Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium is at the factory.
    iv): Our 2 EPsmight be released on tape by Pure Mind Records.

    So…that’s all the news I got for now…I will try to get some promo stuff together but can someone send me the Ricecooker shop address? I’m trying to send a few copies you guyses way….

  6. thee dr. says:

    What about that gir in the posterl…? Now that I got a better look at her she kinda reminds me of my ‘mak angkat’ who I stayed with in Sri Kundang when I was a boy…so…maybe I have some unresolved Oedipal issues…? This is awkward…

  7. asiancrustforum says:

    sorry for spamming, Just to let you know that we already built up another new message board.

    fell free to sign in and spread some information.


  8. thee dr. says:

    Okay…I have nothing to do with this ‘Asian Crust Forum’ guy…I also sent an electronic copy pf our art…….

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