Friday 5th August 2005: Hung At Dawn @ Substation, Singapore


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. yuen says:

    I really see this as a good oppurtunity to stir a little the youth there at Singapore.

    I’m not being judgemental, and certainly not being in any position to judge but the last docu by Martin See that I’ve watched in the last Komas Freedom Filmfest showed me how apathy the youth of Singapore towards political, judiciary and other similar issues. The “Singapore Rebel” in the docu was showed to be in a middle of campaigning with a few fellow comrades in front of, sadly, where all the intended audiences expected to be; in front of a busy shopping mall. What is sadder is the passing throng of avid shoppers who apparently indifferent over the vocal effort to bring the people’s attention to whatever they are fighting for.

    I was really disturbed and saddened by that fact, as much as we all here complain that our youth and public being ignorant on issues, this is worst. Singaporeans with their thick HDB flats-middle class are just too comfortable in their comfort zone to be apathy on all these issues.

    I really hope that this gig will be a gig with a clear statement on what it is try to achieve and bring more realisation and awareness to all the young bloods there. I hope that every band do some homework and talk a little before the gig, and I really hoe this will not be another “tribute”, another reason to organise a gig. May this gig brings and breeds a new group of kids that take action: do movies, write zines, volunteer in NGO etc.

    Stir the youth there.

    Shove them out of the comfort.

    Good luck guys.

  2. Jay says:

    damn, my best friend’s wedding on saturday.

  3. Carburetor Dung is not playing, sorry.

    our letter to the organisers:

    problem. our bassist is still sick. Fendi was supposed to go to the east coast on the weekend for a film shoot he’s working on, after which he’ll be back in KL and we’ll start preparing for the Substation show BUT he came down with an intestinal complication last Friday. He has been struggling with this ailment for a few years now; but this time it is the worse he had. Anyway, Fendi cancelled his East Coast trip and we waited for him to recover. Late Monday, he felt better and came over and we were ready to start preparing for the show, complete with a temp drummer and all, BUT Fendi told us that he has to wait for a few more days to see if he’ll be able to travel.

    Last night, he told us that he would not be able to make it. After a check-up late yesterday, his doctor advised him from making the trip as he needs another week to recover. And so we were left with two options, going there without him or just cancel the whole thing. Going there without Fendi would have been okay we we had time to get a temp bassist but with so little time, it will be like suicide, especially with a temp drummer in tow!

    Just now, I called everybody in the band, had a conference and came to a decision. We are pulling out from the show. We are very, very sorry. We thought Fendi would fully recover by yesterday and then we would have an intensive jam for the next two days, even planned on having rehearsals in Singapore prior to the show; alas it’s not happening.

    So there it is, another cancellation from us. I’m feeling really bad. It’s twice already this time. It seems like we’re jinxed when it comes to Singapore. Apologies to you and all involved, and also to all who wrote and planning to go and see us play. We’re absolutely bummed by this, but of course, Fendi’s health comes first.

    Once again, thanks for the invite, we’re really ecstatic, since it’s also for a good cause but we’ve fucked it up again. Dang! I think Carburetor Dung should go and “mandi bunga” (a common Malay practice, where you go and have a bath in a tub filled with all sort of flowers, accompanied by prayers, to kill the jinx).

    Apologies to all,

    Carburetor Dung [ Joe Kidd, Fendi, Alak & Apuk ]

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