Friday, 4th August 2006: Unclogged Celebrates All Tomorrow’s Bitter Rockstars @ Lil’ Havana


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. punkgilagila says:

    i thought there are some members of elisebelle tears in killeur calculateur and only one member of sgt weener/utarid. but whatever it is, i gotta check them out.

  2. alak says:

    YR Dawg..haha

  3. mohd JAYzuan says:

    punkgilagila, dalam Killeur Calculateur bukan saja ada Sgt. Weener Arms, Utarid dan Elisebelle Tears aja. Malah, ada juga KLPHQ dan I/Am/Rain.

    Nice title Joe 😀

  4. Joe Kidd says:

    thanks, people!

    tell you people the truth, i didn’t know Kakulator Pembunuh ada members from the other well-known bands but I heard one song off the myspace page and the love is immediate. plus i’m also a die-hard fan of Sgt Weeners, so the rest don’t matter!

    YR DAWG! is having problems so it’s appearance is still quite tentative lah. We’ll only know for sure a day before the gig. You know how it is with “instant-bands” such as this. Don’t expect lovey-dovey indie tunes though. You’ll be hugely disappointed.

  5. xarwithx says:

    Killeurr Kalkulateurrr!!!

  6. thugstone souljah says:

    also to note that doorbitch is in da house.

    so please people give it up for the bands playing.

    if you rather be a free loader, it’s unethical, unrighteous and un-diy.

    so spare a thought and your hard-earned rm 15 for the bands who are doing their utmost to give you something off the beaten path.

    rock on.

  7. xnizangx says:

    i’ll be selling 50 k promises’s “2 hours and still waiting” at this gig. still fresh, just released a month ago in Terengganu. Now i’ starting to sell it in KL…go here for samples. help me too. i’m fukking broke. all the time. like timmy just said to me just now, “releasing a diy record is like preparing yourself to be broke”…yeap!

  8. mohd JAYzuan says:

    More power to Mr. Door Bitch!! Hehehe! Hang terima rasuah tak Farez?

  9. zamir alif says:

    hey guys,
    whatever it is, a note: we’ll be selling our demo for rm6.
    probably around 10-15 copies. bring some extra cash if you want to grab one.
    thanks for the support fellas.
    and thanks to jay and joe for inviting us.

    peace out! a-town. yeah-ah!

  10. thugstone souljah says:

    jay-baby… only legal tender rm15. kalau nak rasuah, pun rm15. kalau lebih drp tu, boleh masuk tabung unclogged untuk expenses unclogged hari merdeka…. tq……

  11. mohd JAYzuan says:

    Farez bro, aku tak rasuah hang dengan duit. Remember hang ada tanya aku about ‘makcik-makcik’? aku rasuah hang sama hot babes, amacam? hehehe.

  12. duan says:

    yeah Killeur Calculateur!!

  13. thugstone souljah says:

    jay-jay…. thank you ffor having my interests at ‘heart’….. lol….. but they still gotta pay…. maybe a drink on me as a kind gesture…. but only that

  14. mohd JAYzuan says:

    hahaha. kidding Farez. I think you should jaga all the guys and let me handle all the chikas la 😀

    damn, I’m fucking desparate.

  15. palie says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaa…….killer claculater~~~

  16. thecivildude says:

    Man I got To Go check this out, but then i’ll also have to find transport to go back home hahaha 🙂

  17. mohd JAYzuan says:

    You should come, thecivildude!

  18. sure akan smp ini gig. 😉

  19. xbebas says:

    menarik jer nih…musti pegi

  20. thecivildude!! says:

    Yeah i’ll come, just need to ask my dad or my friend if they could pick me up so that i could see the show longer hehehe……. 🙂

  21. thecivildude!! says:

    or on second thought i could always walk back home :). Hey how come YR Dawg not playing?

  22. Joe Kidd says:

    Like I said, YR DAWG! is still learning how to do solo guitars properly. They will be back once Man Kidal said, “Oh, yeh!!”

  23. thecivildude says:

    ohh…….. hahaha ok,

  24. thecivildude says:

    Hey One Question Joe, Why is the cop covering his face ? Is he camera shy or something hahaha 🙂

  25. alak says:

    joe, dont forget..seminggu satu jam, kelas menyolo guitar sampai hang boleh pakai gigi..anyway, ekin got Blondie’s Live By Request DVD…gila babi bro..debra harry..woo hoo…still looking hot..

  26. radzi sinclair says:

    hell i’m fuckin’ lost

  27. Joe Kidd says:

    just got back from the gig. It’s now 3AM. Just wanna say thanks to the bands, the acts and those who came for the show. Thank you so much! There were about 140 people there and I hope everyone had good fun. A lengthy report follows soon. Am too sleepy to write more.

    Thanks to Farez. Tiffany, Ian, Jay & Abrokol for helping out on my side of things. Lets have more on August 31st!



  28. shahrizal says:

    this is shah writing, on behalf of the mindless show would like to thank joe kidd, jay and friends for letting us play at the last night’s show, zamir for borrowing me his bass, and not to forget the others who came to show, it was really an awesome show. we really apologize for playing a really crappy set. thanks also for those who bought our new cd. the best part is that we made new friends and had a whole lot of fun. thanks!

  29. shahrizal says:

    oh yeah, if any of you guys have pictures of us and would like to share them please e-mail us at, or simply send a us a message at myspace:

    thank you so much!

  30. xnizangx says:

    great venue to take photos! the background of stage looks as if the show is held at someone’s house!! very the US!

  31. xnizangx says:

    i just uploaded last night’s photos…some of them are from the candlelight vigil against war, at dataran merdeka…enjoy! give me comments at

  32. mohd JAYzuan says:

    The Mindless Show, thanks for the CD. Hangpa memang cantik menarik tertarik hangpa memang da bomb! Bikin aku ketawa, yeah!

  33. zamir alif says:

    we thank you kindly for everything.
    your shiny smile(s). support and especially those that sang along with us.
    it was wicked!
    totally unexpected.
    we had fun!
    thanks joe and jay for the invitation. and zul for helping us with the demos.
    and shahrizal, no problem with the bass. such a tiny matter.
    till more to come.



  34. mohd JAYzuan says:

    More power to Ian John!!

  35. The Civil Dude!! says:

    Thanks For The Cd Mind LEss Show You Guys Are Awesome!!!!

  36. shahrizal says:

    thanks jay & civil dude. hope you guys like the cd 🙂

  37. nazier says:

    hye, sorry semak skit. THIS IS NOT A BREAK UP gig in KL is now CONFIRMED! It will be held on 13th AUGUST 2006, SUNDAY, at TITAN, KL as stated, no changes in venue! please tell all ur


    Here is some updates on 13th THIS IS NOT A BREAK UP gig:

    – bands will play as the following

    4. DIPLEG
    5. ILA MITRA
    6. CURVE

    bands, please be at the venue by 12 noon. brings your own instruments (guitar, bass, snare, drumstick, cable, effects etc)
    equipment rented from mokhtar (iseekmusic) will be send in at 10 am.
    soundcheck from 12 until 2pm. bands will have a set of about 30 minutes each (including setting)

    then, at 2pm, everyone will get in. gig will start BEFORE 3pm and that’s final.
    50 EARLY BIRDS ONLY HAVE TO PAY AT A DISCOUNTED PRICE OF RM 12, so better be hurry yah! >:)
    do not forget about the SPECIAL OFFERING from us!!!


    CD+POSTER = RM8.99
    GOBLOG = RM20

    Papakerma Must Be Crazy Sale!

    1 Cassette = RM5
    2 Cassettes = RM8
    1 CD = RM6
    2 CDs = RM8
    (exclusive THIS IS NOT A BREAK UP comp CD)

    * both offer valid during 13th Aug gig and while stocks last.


    +6019 – 202 66 84 (dean)
    +6016 – 251 75 72 (nazier)
    +6017 – 237 87 92 (azwari)

    more details:

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